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I am the Razor

I provide to you scientifically backed investigative journalism.

I am a guerilla scientist, graduate-level social psychologist & statistician, and I seek to shut down false narratives to bring truth to the public, one case at a time.

I have also recently added Contributing Reporters. If you want to support us, please visit my Patreon and/or my GoFundMe.

I begin my journey with an investigation into the circumstances, actors, and entities surrounding the Depp v. Heard Trial. I will delve into the implications and ramifications of the verdict.

– WoO Broadcasts –

Dearest reader, my analyses and results are immense. I am aware that these are of utmost importance to the credibility of my report. I am posting the data and results of my analyses here. I have also begun constructing prototype fields maps of the actors and entities involved, which you can find here. First, however, I strongly recommend that you read my report in the following order: Introduction, Theory, Methodology, and then, most importantly, my WIP Analyses Results. Following that, please explore the persons, entities, events, and movements involved (this will take me some time to complete and I will be working to finish my analyses first).

I’ve also started a YouTube channel to report to you. Find my channel HERE. On the channel you will find a new video series entitled “Community Policing in a Digital Age”. In this series I outline the ways in which we, as a community, can take collective action to combat the vile, anti-human narratives that are infecting our contemporary culture.

In the menu above, you will find a link to our new “Resistance Research Hub”. A social site dedicated to gathering momentum as a community where we can share research, documents, ideas, and theories from different angles. To make collective action effective, we must first organize and reach consensus on our goals. From there, we can strategize forms of action that we can take together as a community.

“With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.”

William of Ockham
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