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About Me


I’m a graduate-level trained social psychologist and statistician. I have an advanced Masters degree in Social Psychology. I finished 6 years of my PhD before an IPV situation ended my academic career. My training included field-work in women’s prisons regarding addiction, IPV, and more. I will be performing an ongoing social research project into the Johnny Depp case. Let me begin with a background.

I’m a social researcher and investigator. A writer and reporter. I’m also a single father of two teenaged boys. I also must handle Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis each day. I was never a Johnny Depp fanboy. I appreciate his work and knew he was a good actor. Now, however, I love the man. His courage and style are unprecedented. When I first heard of the UK trial, I dismissed it all as celebrity mumbo jumbo and paid little attention. When I heard of the US case, it was different. Different because the details resonated with me. I too am a survivor of severe partner abuse; physical, sexual, psychological, and even institutional-level. Johnny’s courage inspired me to begin something. As I was rebuilding my life from rubble as a disenfranchised academic, I had found a purpose.

I dialed into the trial and began noticing inconsistencies. I dove into the evidence. I read reports from online guerilla journalists like That Umbrella Guy, That Brian Fella, Laura Bockov, and others. I dove deep into the connections and actors involved. I pulled hundreds of articles down from the internet. Ran thematic analyses and cluster analyses on sophisticated software. I’ve found enough inferential evidence that points to nefarious actors that I have contacted the FBI and IRS.

This is no short-term project. It is a tremendous amount of information. Consequently I will be releasing it in fragments. I believe that this is best for my own mental health and also for the consumption and digestion of the material.

William of Occam

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