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Amber Heard

From Wikipedia:

Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is an American actress. She had her first leading role in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), and went on to star in films such as The Ward (2010) and Drive Angry (2011). She has also had supporting roles in films including Pineapple Express (2008), Never Back Down (2008), The Joneses (2009), Machete Kills (2013), Magic Mike XXL (2015), and The Danish Girl (2015). Heard is part of the DC Extended Universe franchise, playing Mera in Justice League (2018), Aquaman (2018), and the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023). She has also acted in television series such as Hidden Palms (2007) and The Stand (2020).

Amber Heard pictured here
during the 2022 trial in Fairfax, VA

For more background information on Amber Heard, you can turn to the Wikipedia page or the IMDb page. I will focus primarily on her involvement in the UK and US trials and her broader connections to other persons of interest in this investigation. For more information on available evidence related to this case, please check out Roaring Rapids link tree here. He has steadfastly gathered links to all the available evidence related to this case. Since the chronology of events is crucial for making inferences with respect to motivations, an actors’ intended effects of his or her behaviors, and the actual measurable impact of those behaviors, I will present the information chronologically.

Prior to her engagement to Johnny Depp in 2014, Amber was featured in a number of different films. The most notable of these films with respect to this investigation are those which were most salient through my methodological process and those that also fit most logically in accordance with my theoretical framework. Along these lines, it is important to note that Amber had achieved some critical acclaim and rapidly increasing cultural attention and recognition between 2007-2009. Consequently, by drawing from Social Identity Theory and Differential Identification Theory to examine her and her background, it would not be a stretch to assume that she had learned a variety of different social techniques for gaining greater access to a variety of resources that she could instrumentalize towards reaching her goals of fame and fortune. It would be very difficult to argue against the notion that throughout these social processes Amber learned the subcultural norms for identifying those individuals that were best equipped to help her towards achieving her goals of accruing social and economic capitals. Therefore, it is remarkable that at this crucial point in her career she was featured in Zombieland in 2009, the Executive Producer for which was Ryan Kavanaugh, founder and CEO of Relativity Media and cofounder and first chair of the board of the Art of Elysium.

Amber went on to work on a number of other films and television shows before Denise Chamian and Manish Surera cast her in ‘The Rum Diary’ alongside Johnny Depp in 2011. You may have heard that there were issues surrounding casting this particular role. There are conflicting media stories about this issue, such as how Scarlett Johannsson was considered for the role or how Johnny was heavily involved in the process. Whether or not these stories are true, a more important note with respect to this particular investigation is that Denise Chamian had worked extensively with Relativity and Ryan Kavanaugh prior to casting for ‘The Rum Diary’. Drawing from Differential Opportunity and Differential Association theories, there is very little question as to how the Hollywood celebrity culture provides a much different level of access to economic and social capitals depending on the status of an individual. In addition, it would be very difficult to argue against the notion that definitions favorable towards violations of norms are exchanged while celebrities associate with one another.

During these interaction rituals, opportunities are provided, obstructed, divided, and so forth; opportunities to gain access to highly desirable resources. During these exchanges of identity content and transmissions of subcultural norms, if an individual learns: (1) that behaviors that are favorable to violations of laws or norms will lead to the achievement of a personal goal; (2) that those with a high amount of social and economic capital and thus a high social status can circumvent investigation and prosecution of criminal behaviors, and; (3) that their reference group and imminent social network – those with whom they are most proximal, with whom they share access to resources, and with whom they most often identify themselves – if members of this group assert the personal preferability of definitions of behavior that are favorable to violation of norms or laws, then that individual is more likely to engage in criminal behaviors. All mental health issues aside, Amber Heard was an individual embedded in this complex network of grinding social machinations.

Throughout these years, Amber was friends with Evan Rachel Wood and, thus, by proxy, associated with the precipitants of the #MeToo Movement, which gained public traction with Alyssa Milano in 2017. Investigating these connections will illustrate the remarkable utility of my theoretical framework for understanding individual motivations and observed outcomes in order to create a forensic map for a clearer view of who would benefit from the persecution of men through false allegations. The sweeping popularity of Identity Politics played an impressive role in crystallizing gender as an achieved status, or a status that is not organically ascribed but rather something that an individual must attain through effort, merit, and so forth. Alongside the internally inconsistent operating logics of the Radical Feminist Movement, the politicization of the status attribution of ‘woman’ allowed powerful corporate actors to define the boundaries that surround access to financial, social, and cultural capitals. Behind the virtue signaling, equal rights rhetoric, and social justice jargon was born a monstrous and new entrepreneurial industry based on the attribution of status-characteristics. This is strikingly similar to what Louis Althusser called, “interpellation“, in his seminal work, “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses“. In essence, interpellation is the process by which a social structure or culture calls forth a certain subjectivity into being or inscribes an individual with a certain identity. In this case, while Radical Feminism was divorcing female subjects from the very nature of their being and tying a woman’s basic identity to victimhood, greedy and industrious investors were positioned to call forth victims for profit: the soil bed of ‘rape culture’ was rich and ready for cultivating profit through charities, like the ACLU, Art of Elysium, the Met Gala, SXSW, and so forth. I discuss the processes through which individuals can exploit these entities throughout other sections of this work.

In 2014, Amber accepted the Rising Star award at the Texas Film Awards. This was the event that the media reported Amber ‘flashing’ her new engagement ring.

She was also featured in 3 Days to Kill in 2014, produced by Ryan Kavanaugh of Relativity Media. The above award was presented to her by Ryan Kavanaugh.

Ryan Kavanaugh presenting Amber the ‘Rising Star’ Award in 2014 at the Texas Film Awards

As you can see in these two videos alone, Amber’s Social Network of numerous associates consisted of individuals who held extreme wealth and also held the power to define access to various capitals. What’s more important to consider is Granovetter’s seminal addition to understanding social networks and their constituent actors. Granovetter clearly illustrated the strength of weak ties (see my visuals for thematic dissimilarity); that is, associates are more likely to serve as the bridge between two distinct populations with the purpose of defining access to particular resources. In this sense, Amber had been interpellated into the subject of the Radical Feminist victim identity that served as the figurehead for the very profitable #MeToo movement. The profitability of #MeToo can be understood in terms of how the social representation and consequent support of organizations like the ACLU or the Art of Elysium are instrumentalized as marketing tools for accruing consumer capital for everything from films to AR-15s depending on the market demand; and, perhaps more importantly, the ways in which these purportedly non-profit organizations and events are also sites through which voracious venture capitalists – like Ryan Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, Stephen Feinberg, Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein – can virtue signal and thus gain social capital while also utilizing and exchanging financial capital. This is often called “Virtue Capital” and is presented to the public as collective philanthropic actions whether or not these often clandestine collective actions produce positive outcomes for humanity or its constituent groups. Yet, as I hope you are beginning to see, dear reader, virtue-signaling can be weaponized for profit; which is exactly what Amber Heard became: a smoking gun.

It was during this time that Amber had either met and/or built relationships with Eve Barlow and the petulant penthouse pests, including Amanda De Cadenet and Amanda’s boyfriend Nick Valensi. I think that we can all be certain that these actors were directly involved in strategizing and deploying the false allegation hoax that would savage Johnny’s reputation and profit a great number of voracious venture capitalists. The persecution of an innocent man was the sacrifice to the process of the interpellation of the victim identity figurehead that would bond consumers and investors together under a common mantle.

Another connection that arose and created more directions for inquiry is Amber’s 4 hour meeting with attorney Gloria Allred of Allred, Moroko, & Goldberg, who represented Charlotte Lewis in her litigation over sexual assault allegations that were leveled against Roman Polanski. Johnny was one of the few people that stood up for Roman and claimed that the allegations were false.

More coming soon…

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