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Amber Heard, Michele Dauber, Emily Doe & #MeToo

Recent tweets by Stanford Law Professor and Amber Heard supporter, Michele Dauber, have viciously attacked Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez. Dauber accuses Camille Vasquez of sucking up to powerful men and being the worst kind of female lawyer. The tweets have been rightfully met with backlash.

We must have evolved or else realized that the narrative for the last decade with #MeToo and its predecessor the “Survivor Movement” needs auditing.

In June 2016 Amber Heard was a victim of Domestic Violence according to TMZ and People Magazine. Brock Turner was the face of a campus rapist. Emily Doe was an international sensation.

“I see you” said Joe Biden to “Emily Doe”. Congresswoman Ann Kuster announced to Congress “We are all Emily Doe”. (Kuster had once been a lobbyist for Rohypnol, the date rape drug.)

Amber Heard accompanied Professor Michele Dauber to the 2016 Glamour Awards where “Emily Doe” was honored as “Woman of the Year”. Dauber accepted the award, being a family friend of the real Emily Doe, Brock Turner’s alleged victim of what the media and politicians had portrayed as a brutal rape. Dauber was also friends with the editor of Glamour Magazine.

Amber Heard endorsed the “Enough Voter Movement” started by Michele Dauber in 2018 and a cover article in Glamour “Amber Heard is Nobody’s Victim” depicts her clutching a copy of “White Fragility”. Heard credits Michele Dauber for the #MeToo movement and explains that she is amplifying Michele Dauber’s voice. Dauber had called the “Emily Doe” victim impact statement “The #MeToo Manifesto”.

But a 2019 Freedom of Information Act request from a local journalist in Santa Clara County, California yielded a trove of emails between Michele Dauber and DA Jeff Rosen’s office. Curiously, the Emily Doe letter appears to have been written by Michele Dauber herself. In fact, if you read articles about it, you will find a number of them are careful to state that the letter was read by the alleged victim, Chanel Miler, as opposed to written by her. Elsewhere you discover that Mike Armstrong, Brock Turner’s defense attorney, failed to tell his client that he had previously represented Michele Dauber and/or her family members at least twice before and had been speaking at one of Michele Dauber’s classes while simultaneously defending Turner, surely a blatant conflict of interests that should have caused him to be disbarred.

When Amber Heard stated under oath in Virginia just a few weeks ago she claimed to have been raped by Johnny Depp. Pinned down on a table, raped with a glass bottle, shards of glass all around. The story is reminiscent of “Jackie’s” gang rape in “A Rape on Campus”, the story published and retracted in Rolling Stone in November 2014. “Jackie” didn’t exist and the story was fabricated. Rolling Stone was sued and Exhibit 15b of the Eramo v Rolling Stone lawsuit reveals that Michele Dauber’s former partner on a non-profit, Catherine Lhamon was involved behind the scenes. Also involved was Laura L Dunn who had worked with Michele Dauber on the unregulated “Dear Colleague” Title IX federal directive signed by Michele Dauber’s other friend Russlynn Ali in 2011.

Between 2009 and 2012, Michele Dauber’s husband, Ken, was paid $26,000 in consulting fees by the Department of Education under Russlynn Ali’s tenure as Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights. It’s unknown precisely what he did but Ken’s background was as an early employee for Google and Netflix.

Whistleblowers at Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter cited the Daubers for experimenting with social media in 2016 – the year that Amber Heard became a victim of domestic violence and Emily Doe became Woman of the Year and caused Joe Biden to say “I see you.” Michele Dauber used social media to call for extreme violence against Brock Turner when he appealed his conviction. Anarchists with AR15s showed up at his door threatening his life. Judge Aaron Persky, target of Michele Dauber’s successful recall campaign, also had his life threatened. Elsewhere it was suggested that Dauber, a Dem Caucus rep, should head the California Democratic Party. She told the New York Times that she’d helped change California’s minimum sentencing for sexual assault following the Brock Turner trial – for the Democratic Party.

When Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of digital penetration in March 2020 – the very same crime that Brock Turner was convicted of – Michele Dauber took to Twitter and called the end of #MeToo. She begged the Democratic Party to get Joe Biden to stand down and avoid “Watergate 2”.

When Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen got exposed for their role in helping Andrew Cuomo against his accusers, Michele Dauber tweeted to get them to step down from Times Up/NWLC. The organization severed ties with SKDK, its PR company over conflicts of interest (admitted by Tina Tchen as well). SKDK’s other client Patrice Cullors stepped down from BLM over revelations about how money in the organization had been spent. SKDK also represents Christine Blasey Ford, Vital Voices and L’Oreal for whom Amber Heard is an ambassador.

Early reports about the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh included suggestions that Michele Dauber was involved. She denied it.

Michele Dauber was one of the very first people to campaign for ABC Good Morning America to block Amy Robach’s 2019 ABC Good Morning America interview with Owen Labrie from airing. Labrie had preceded Brock Turner as the first high profile campus rape case. He’d been equated to an Isis terrorist and Donald Trump. His accuser, Chessy Prout, had been recruited pretrial by Laura L Dunn, a member of the White House Task Force working with Catherine Lhamon and Michele Dauber.

Following the jury verdict in Johnny Depp v Amber Heard, Michele Dauber’s vitriol has reached a new level. Articles have cropped up in several different publications which, while appearing under other people’s profiles, I believe may have Michele Dauber’s hand in their creation.

More bizarrely, a Twitter Handle bearing the name of Michele & Ken’s Dauber’s deceased daughter Amanda posted a tweet that disappeared in 49 seconds. Michele Dauber retweeted it beforehand.

I have growing suspicions that Michele Dauber is engaged in an enterprise to deceive the public and rig criminal trials and now Amber Heard’s civil suit appeal, using propaganda to access grants to be used for political campaigns under the guise of fake social justice non-profits.

The lawsuit against Dartmouth College was in mediation when Michele Dauber & others got ABC to cancel airing the interview with Owen Labrie. The same lawyers who filed Doe suits v St Paul’s School for millions following the Labrie trial, filed against Dartmouth. Times UPLDF/NWLC supplied a media grant for the plaintiffs.

NHCADSV appear to have received $2.865 million from the settlement which looks like it may have gone towards Every Voice Matters Coalition (part of It’s On Us) and these bills (Gov. Sununu who signed them is on the Board of Trustees for Dartmouth).

It’s On Us, an SKDK company, campaigned to block the Owen Labrie interview from airing using #Survivorsoverratings. NHCADSV led the social media campaign to get it blocked. They were beneficiaries of the suit. The program contained content which would have exposed corrupt practices of the lawyers and police in his case.

Twitter never banned Michele Dauber for her calls for extreme violence. It’s never blocked her for her use of foul language or name calling. Twitter won’t release the statistics of fake accounts to Elon Musk. How many of those belong to Michele and Ken Dauber manipulating public perception against Brock Turner in 2016, Owen Labrie in 2019 and attempting to against Johnny Depp in 2022?

Isn’t it time for a probe into Michele Dauber and into Stanford’s extraordinary failures to admonish her for putting lives in harm’s way?

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