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August 15, 2022

Is Amber Heard protecting Communism or being protected by Communist interests?

That is an explosive claim but the cover of Glamour Magazine with Amber Heard wearing red in a red car with her atheism and veganism under it are bothersome.

The cover of Glamour Magazine would typically be bought probably for somewhere well upwards of $20,000. Someone purchased it, is my guess. Someone with an ulterior motive to message under the guise of Hollywood glamour.

Now, Amber Heard has been provided with a new set of attorneys who claim to be experts in First Amendment/Free Speech issues. They have represented the Associated Press and the New York Times.

But what if these organizations and others have been unduly influenced by Chinese interests – interests to get rid of due process, promulgating unfounded statistics and stories to do so?

That interest to get rid of due process doesn’t only belong to the Democrats, it belongs to some Republicans as well – to billionaires who have the money to literally buy the constitution. Billionaires who have an interesting tie to China:

Henry T Nicholas III, a republican donor, who has spent millions on promoting the death penalty. He is a fierce advocate against due process under the guise of “victims’ rights”.

His passion to get rid of due process is so effective that “Marsy’s Law” has been adopted by 1 in 3 states in the US. He has spent millions and millions buying up local influencers and lawmakers to get it passed on ballots.

As Amber Heard might be promoting Communist ideology on the front of Glamour Magazine, Chessy Prout was recruited to promote Marsy’s Law for New Hampshire. Apparently she and her handlers cared not about the drug trafficking, domestic and sexual violence background of Nicholas III.

Henry T Nicholas III, was once charged with securities fraud for Broadcom. He started his foundation and push for Marsy’s Law on the heals of that.

Broadcom then sold to Chinese-Malaysian interest in San Jose, California. Anita Dunn has shares in Broadcom (as well as Google and Stagwell which owns SKDK).

If you notice the number of Main Stream Media organizations and op-eds (always consider the source) arguing that Amber Heard’s loss is a loss for victims of sex or domestic abuse to come forward you start to scratch your head. They are essentially arguing that any number of lies put forward by a selected “ambassador” such as Ms. Heard, are to be protected. Why?

This is about much more than #MeToo. It’s about convincing the public that due process should go and that state organized corruption should reign under global corporate facist-communism. Just as Anita Dunn’s favorite philosopher, Chairman Mao, would have it.

It is clear is that male victims of domestic and sexual violence have no place in the narrative these organizations are pushing and, these organizations are selective. They come out to promote Amber Heard and smear Johnny Depp but they don’t come out against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden or even Ghislaine Maxwell. Johnny Depp was targeted and created into a boogeyman but they’ve got nothing on him whereas there is ample on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Ghislaine Maxwell who they systematically keep out of the news when it comes to sexual violence or sex trafficking.

Effectively what we are seeing is that certain people are pushed as “survivors” while real victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are silenced or smeared.

Sexual violence is a game played by the DNC against its enemies. They take out anyone they want to from Alex Morse to Johnny Depp. Victims are procured, given a narrative. Frequently you’ll find Gloria Allred, a generous DNC donor, out there shopping for accusers, some who have never even met the accused.

Propaganda thrives and that is what Amber Heard’s new team are defending – the right to create propaganda that harms. The right to defame without repercussions.

Amber Heard’s legal team are not alone in trying to fight the right to lie and to harm others. Salacious memoirs with concocted stories of rape, sell: Chessy Prout has made an entire career going around selling her propganda memoir . Simon & Schuster’s editors clearly accept the paycheck without ever doing any fact checking. Although not yet owned by Chinese interest, you have to wonder what was really going on given that Chessy Prout’s speaking engagements go through Creative Well Inc, an organization with offices in Buffalo, NY and…Hong Kong.

A group of 15 non-profits, law organizations and victims advocates filed an amicus brief in favor of a Jane Doe at Yale University, claiming immunity for her for making false statements of rape against Saifullah Khan, an Afghan refugee.

Those organizations included the NWLC (for whom Roberta Kaplan, Amber heard’s original legal counsel), Know Your IX and others. The Connecticut Supreme Court rejected their amicus brief because it stated, correctly, that their claim that “Khan raped John Doe” was not a statement of fact. Indeed it wasn’t because Khan had been acquitted of rape by a criminal trial jury. Like, the MSM’s claims for Amber Heard, these organizations want the lie to take precedent over the truth. For propaganda to be admissible and defended.

The US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is also seeking this protection against false statements or those who encourage false statements as well in its new Title IX regulations which are approaching a deadline for comment period. If you are incensed about this (as I believe you should be), please take the opportunity to comment to the Department of Education now.

The US Department of Education is asserting that Title IX is only a civil process – in the case of Saif Khan that is not true because it was his false accuser’s Title IX complaint against him that led to his being criminally charged. It appears from his claims against Yale and his accuser that in fact she was encouraged to fabricate claims and that these 15 organizations and the Department of Education think that not only is that acceptable but that she should be protected for it.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Education and the White House “Not Alone” Task Force tied to it, used the criminal trial of NH v Owen Labrie (2015) to push Title IX legislation denying due process. New Hampshire signed an inter-government-agency agreement to “support survivors”. There is not a single mention in the State’s SART training materials of an assumption of innocence or due process.

So where did all of this come from?

In 2010, the Confucius Institute of China formed partnerships with several universities in the United States. Additionally China invested $5.5 billion in Disney which is represented for PR by SKDK whose Anita Dunn gave that commencement speech in which she claimed Chairman Mao as her favorite philosopher.

New Hampshire is where Joe Biden introduced the unregulated “Dear Colleague” Title IX guidelines in 2011. UNH is one of the universities tied to the Confucius Institute. NH Governor Chris Sununu has been criticized for his family’s links to China. New Hampshire, first in the nation, has been the testing ground for pushing through legislation that is ever more draconian and authoritarian regarding sexual assault. The state is corrupt – the AG’s office deletes the files of corrupt police officers. The state agencies (NHCADSV particularly) control the media and there are kick backs from civil attorneys tied to the White House Task Force: NHCADSV helped Steve Kelly Esq & Chuck Douglas Esq with PR surrounding the lawsuits against St Paul’s School following NH v Owen Labrie and they helped them with PR for a class action against Dartmouth College for which they became financial beneficiaries. Anita Dunn of SKDK was involved via SKDK’s representation of Times Up/NWLC which provided the PR media campaign money for the suit.

The Dartmouth suit resulted in a $14 million win for the plaintiffs and NHCADSV. It resulted in the suicide of Professor David Bucci whose first amendment rights to speak for himself were denied, just as Owen Labrie’s were also denied through a coordinated effort by NHCADSV, Amanda Grady Sexton – Director of Public Affairs, Congresswoman Ann Kuster, Its On Us, Know Your IX and others – related to SKDK as well.

The message is loud and clear and it is supported by members of Congress: that it’s ok to lie, to create and disseminate propaganda, to defame someone and call them an “Al-Quaeda” or “Isis Terrorist” and it’s OK, as a member of Congress to call up ABC and get them to block an interview with that person. Yes, Congresswoman Ann Kuster wrote the introduction to Chessy Prout’s book in which Prout equated Owen Labrie to an Al-Quaeda terrorist and she called up ABC and got them to block airing an interview with Owen Labrie – blocking one of her own constituents in New Hampshire from speaking for himself.

A British male who was accused of sexual assault by a former student he’d known during his time at Dartmouth in 2005, sued his accuser for defamation and was awarded $175,000 in a settlement. I’m glad. We cannot let propaganda with backing from China-related industries and interests continue. This man had the money to fight. Johnny Depp had the money to fight. Owen Labrie does not and yet Congresswoman Kuster, the State of New Hampshire, the White House Task Force, Victims Advocates, the Prout family have made millions off smearing Owen Labrie and St Paul’s School. “Their truth” matters to the MSM. “The Truth” does not.

American is supposed to be the place where free speech is allowed. It’s a constitutional right.

Amber Heard’s appeals under protection of free speech are wholly out of line with every principle we believe in – “E Pluribus Unum”: From Many One.

The twisted version of this has become “From One, Many”. Anita Dunn has her hands in far too many pots. The question has to be asked if she is in fact an agent for China and whether Amber heard under her ambassadorship for L’Oreal and ACLU is a lipstick-clad, blonde haired front for selling Communist ideology.

Amber Heard is an “ambassador” for L’Oreal and has spoken for UN Women -both also represented by SKDK. L’Oreal is the number one major beauty brand in China. It is a company that has several other fashion and beauty brands under its umbrella.

Anita Dunn’s influence is pervasive. So is China’s.

Anita Dunn’s interests in Google, Alphabet Inc and Stagwell (SKDK) should be drawing as much interest, if not more than her interest in Pfizer.

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