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August 1, 2022


When a concerned member of the public uncovers corruption of the courts one would hope that the powers that be in New Hampshire would pay attention instead of stonewalling.  One would hope that when a concerned member of the public points out instances of coercion of minors to the LEACT commission that their letter would not get intercepted and then posted on social media to dox the person who wrote it.

When a concerned member of the public is treated like this, that member of the public has every right to speak out on social media and to do it anonymously without being doxxed.  You know who I am. You can reach out to me. But you asked me to DM you. No. I am not going to be coerced or sold a line. 

I have a statement to make about #MeToo and the Campus Survivor Movement and it is this:

While St Paul’s School may have had decades of sexual misconduct going on, the NHCADSV, the DCYF and the Concord Police and Merrimack County DA had choices. For decades they chose to either ignore it or to cut deals behind closed doors.  They only ever did anything when there was money involved that could benefit them and their careers. And instead of doing it ethically, they singled out a scholarship student while protecting legacy students, female perpetrators and administrators. They threw the disposable asset under the bus. The one whose broken family existed on a combined annual salary that approximated the $100,000 gift that your client’s family donated to St Paul’s School in Spring 2013 before your client started at the school that fall.

St. Paul’s School published the external investigation into historic sex abuse at St Paul’s School up to 2009. The State decided not to publish its investigation into sex abuse at St Paul’s School from 2009 onwards.  The school waived its right to privacy.  The State, the Concord Police Department, the Merrimack County DA, the DCYF, the NHCADSV were all fine with this decision. There is no reason for privacy unless there is something to hide. St Paul’s in its decision to waive privacy had nothing to hide. The State, the police, the city council, the DA, the DCYF and the NHCADSV did have a lot to hide. In fact Lacy Crawford in her memoir “Notes on a Silencing” mentions the fact that the police obtained her file (unlawfully) without a warrant and that the police called her alleged rapists.  The AG was embarrassed about this fact coming out in her book and wrote to the publisher. The police detective (same as the one who handled NH v Owen Labrie) was working under instruction from the AG who your client’s father commended.

Your client, the Prout family, sued the school using three attorneys:

  • Steven J Kelly Esq
  • Steven D Silverman Esq
  • Charles (“Chuck”) Douglas Esq

Let me tell you what is publicly available information about these:

Steven J Kelly

Steven J Kelly Esq is on the board of the National Crime Victim’s Law Institute which published the following guide to pretrial publicity authored by him and Amanda Grady Sexton of the NHCADSV who ended up with a contract with St Paul’s School out of the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation into the School which the State decided to keep private.  

Alexander Prout penned an Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor praising the Attorney General of New Hampshire for the arrangement that required a “compliance officer” and an agreement with the NHCADSV. He talked about “transparency”. There was no transparency because the report into the misconduct between 2009 and 2017 was kept secret and the “compliance officer” came from Keene Police Department which has a serious issue with corrupt police officers, including one who was caught sending sexualized images of kids in order to entrap adults. (“federal entrapment”).

Steven D Silverman Esq had his DC Bar licence suspended for using media to influence judicial outcome in Doe v Cabrera according to St Paul’s School’s response to Prout/Doe v St Paul’s School and according to online records.

Charles (“Chuck”) Douglas Esq used to be the New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice. In that capacity he ordered a 13 year old girl who had been raped and impregnated under state care at the Youth Development Center back to the horrific conditions of YDC because she wouldn’t name her rapist.  

Later Chuck Douglas had a very public divorce from his 4th wife who allegedly found condoms in his waste basket in their mutual office because he was having an affair with an employee behind his wife’s back. He was awarded most of the assets by the judge in their divorce. That judge was forced to resign a few years later for judicial misconduct.

I do not protect or represent St Paul’s School in any capacity. But I do not blindly drink kool-aid from lobbyists, namely your clients.  I read the fine print for organizations they lobby for such as RAINN which state that the Department of Justice doesn’t endorse RAINN’s statements. So why should I swallow statements from you, your clients or RAINN, PAVE, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO, NHCADSV, KNOW YOUR IX, NCVLI, NHCADSV, NWLC, ITS ON US, TIMES UP, SURVJUSTICE, END RAPE ON CAMPUS without doing my own due diligence?

The Connecticut Supreme Court just denied an Amicus Brief filed by a number of these organizations above in support of a Jane Doe at Yale who accused Saifullah Khan of rape which led not only to a Title IX investigation but criminal charges against him. He was acquitted in a criminal trial and sued Yale for $110 million. The woman who falsely accused him has tried to claim immunity for the false claim. These organizations support her ability to lie without repercussions. Thank goodness the Connecticut Supreme Court has denied these organizations’ claim that Khan “raped Jane Doe” because it is not a statement of fact. Similarly statements made by your client and her family have gone un-admonished over the years. They have had free reign on TV, in books, news articles to say whatever and they have had the power to block ABC, GMA from allowing Owen Labrie to be able to speak for himself. You and your clients published a book that equates Owen Labrie to an “Al-Qaeda terrorist” and “Donald Trump”. You used his image to promote yourselves and created theories and a narrative about him and his family but denied him the right to speak for himself.

The book which you promoted: “I have the Right To” advocates that women should be able to stand up to institutions.  I am a woman and I’m standing up against the institution.

The institution is not St Paul’s School. The institution is the State of New Hampshire which has a long history of corruption, child abuse, extortion rackets and cover ups.  And the institution is also the White House “Not Alone” task force who coincidentally were also behind the Rolling Stone UVA “A Rape on Campus” story which resulted in Eramo v Rolling Stone. Laura L Dunn who introduced your client to Steven J Kelly and who was your client’s personal representative during NH v Owen Labrie, is featured with her emails in Exhibit 15b of Eramo v Rolling Stone.

Dunn was an advisor/member of the White House Task Force and co-founder of SurvJustice which gave your client an award. Also on the board of SurvJustice is Meg Garvin who coincidentally is also on the board of the NCVLI with Steven J Kelly Esq. NCVLI gave an award to Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin for her work for your client in NH v Owen Labrie. NCVLI is one of the 15 organizations that claimed that Saifullah Khan “raped Jane Doe” at Yale and the Connecticut Supreme Court has rejected that claim because it is not a recorded fact. It is not a recorded fact that Owen Labrie “raped” your client either. A criminal jury acquitted him of felony rape. He was found guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault, misdemeanor child endangerment and a computer felony for certain uses prohibitive because he used electronic correspondence to invite your client on a date which a jury concluded involved consensual sex. Your client lobbies about “consent”.

A reminder that Owen Labrie accepted your client’s rejection for a date. Your client changed her mind and re-ignited the conversation and said that she would like to go on the date only if it is our “little secret” (in French). After the date she asked Owen to keep the events of the date to himself while she went and told the Rector’s son, her friends, her sister about it. She told the school nurse that she’d had sex with someone and that it was consensual and not coerced. She didn’t name Owen Labrie. The SANE nurse corrected the police’s sworn affidavit version of her report on the trial stand. The State Lab Technician stated that she could not possibly state that penetration had occurred, perpetrated by Owen Labrie because the DNA in the portion of the underwear which contained semen/sperm couldn’t be attributed to him. The prosecutor presented a Facebook photo without a “like” under it that had been on the original. That “like” was done by Susan Prout, your clients’ mother. The Facebook photo was of your client and Owen Labrie at a party. The defense counsel presented the full version of the photo which the prosecutor admitted she’d never seen before. That dishonest sworn affidavit was used to get a warrant to access the Facebook files which the police then apparently tampered with so that only redacted versions were presented in trial.

A school is not safe if local police department is dishonest. Concord Police Department is dishonest. That is an established and recorded fact. The current police chief has admitted that their budget is approved by the Concord City Council and that included in those approvals are payments to witnesses for Grand Jury testimony. A local judge (an St. Paul’s alum coincidentally) expressed shock recently to discover the lack of regard for the integrity of the courts when she discovered that a witness had been paid but that a prosecutor was not told about this in a criminal trial.

A school is not safe if a sheriff is excused by an Attorney General for a DUI. The Sheriff of Merrimack County was arrested with a DWI and AG Gordon MacDonald who claims that child safety is of paramount importance didn’t think this sheriff should be on the list of police officers with credibility issues. 

A school is not safe if the Council for the City the School is located in has no ethics committee. The City of Concord Council has no ethics committee. It hasn’t had an ethics committee meeting since 2012.

Amanda Grady Sexton who is Chair of the City of Concord Public Safety Committee to whom the Concord Police report is also the Director of Public Affairs for the NHCADSV. She is also married to the Political Director at WMUR. She is also on Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s Re-Election Committee. She is also Executive Director for Marsy’s Law which is paid for by Convicted Drug Trafficking Felon Henry T Nicholas III.  Several people got paid to push Marsy’s Law. Your client, Chessy Prout, became the face of it in New Hampshire and endorsed it. The Mayor of the City of Concord was paid to pass it, as was Charles Douglas Esq, the attorney for your client.

Did anyone explain to your client who Henry T Nicholas III was and his history with drugging prostitutes’ drinks with ecstasy, the lawsuits for domestic violence, the charges of securities fraud and drug trafficking?

My interest is in keeping all children safe. That includes not publishing their names and correspondence in a “memoir” that is then promoted around the world and which caused several families extraordinary harm, not to mention the shock that still reels the St. Paul’s Community to this day.

Wouldn’t it have been graceful to let St Paul’s know that the White House had a partnership with the University of New Hampshire to identify campuses displaying “rape culture” and that St Paul’s was targeted just like UVA was because the profilers of the White House, UNH, NHCADSV and Concord Police Department knew what face they wanted to become the face of a “high school rapist” to attract the Harry Potter audience that Laura L Dunn, your client’s personal representative, mentioned in the #HeForShe campaign?

Imagine being a bystander, having your internal correspondence given to the police and then having it published in a book without being consulted and having your name pushed everywhere so that someone else can make money while you and your friends are denied education, denied jobs simply because you happened to be at the school when Owen Labrie and Chessy Prout were there?

Abuse has no gender. Lucy Prout gave Owen Labrie a black eye, documented in Chessy Prout’s memoir. Why did nobody question that? Why is a black eye ok when Lucy knew that Chessy Prout had not been raped because she told the police that Chessy had told her that Owen Labrie hadn’t raped her? What is Lucy Prout doing working in Domestic Violence Research at a public university when she has a documented history of physical violence herself?

You say that you believe your client. I’m curious as to which lines you believe because they have changed over the years. Do you believe your client when she told her sister and her sister told the police, “I have never said he raped me”? Or do you believe your client when she stated in trial, “I was raped, I was violated in so many ways”?  Do you believe that your client when she said on NBC Today Show in 2016 that they were told by police/prosecutors to just accept an apology and for both sides to move on or do you believe your client when she wrote that she was willing to ruin Owen Labrie’s life just to prove a point? Do you believe your client when she equates Owen Labrie to an Al-Qaeada terrorist? Do you believe your client when she states that she hopes Owen Labrie gets help and then proceeds to do more interviews in which she refers to him as “her attacker”?

This is not an attack on your or your client. It is about protecting all students and all children from adult corruption. How do we protect the future of our children? We demand the truth. That is how. If children grow up being taught to lie by adults because those lies serve an agenda for the adult then those adults should be investigated for child labor trafficking. There were millions made off Chessy Prout, Owen Labrie and St Paul’s School. What is the lesson? That lying is profitable. Does that create safe schools? Safe communities? You tell me.

Your client texted Owen Labrie to let him know that things were getting out of hand when the police got involved and she went to the hospital in early June 2014.  She’d told the police that she was laughing and giggling in the encounter. A year later that narrative changed. During the course of that year your client met Laura Dunn of the White House Task Force and Steven J Kelly who lobbied the Senate on May 1, 2015 for a “Victim’s Bill of rights”. A bill that was introduced by Senator Jeanne Shaheen in July 2016. Amanda Grady Sexton of the NHCADSV and Concord City Council’s public safety committee who had called the Labrie trial “an opportunity” benefitted from putting Owen Labrie on the sex offender registry for life. Her organization, the NHCADSV, manages the Sex Offender Registration program. New Hampshire has received over $900,000 in grants under the Adam Walsh Act for this program since 2014. Meanwhile, as you read in Susan Zalkind’s articles, Owen Labrie has been physically threatened. His life is and will be in danger for the rest of his life because his image was promulgated all over the news for your clients’ benefit.

Consider for one moment that your client is actually a tool who was taken at 15 and given a script that would result in millions for the State of New Hampshire, the NHCADSV, PAVE, SurvJustice, and the Prout family.

If your client really believed in doing something about sexual assault, she and her family would insist on that Grand Jury Criminal Investigation Report being public. They would insist on the Attorney General releasing the names of police officers who have credibility issues who are a danger to children. They would insist on admonishment of Rector Michael Hirschfeld who managed to “retire” from St Paul’s, receive full salary for years after and then reappear at Kent School Connecticut just weeks after the judge’s decision to keep the St Paul’s investigation private.

It was not me who decided to make Owen Labrie into a public figure adorning every major newspaper, magazine or projected across screens on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN. That happened with your help.  The choice to make Owen Labrie and St Paul’s School the images of a “rapist” and “rape culture” were yours and your client’s. The decision to make Owen Labrie and Chessy Prout into public figures were also your client’s.

I did not want to become a public figure. I have no interest in it. But I will speak up when I see harm done and I will speak up when I see lives endangered because of a narrative that is knowingly false, malicious and defamatory.


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