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  You are Here:    Home          Contributing Reporters          An Open Letter To Michele Dauber

You have dedicated the last decade to ruining lives on campus, to endorsing hoaxes such as #MattressGirl. You managed to turn the entire nation against a 19 year old freshman student, Brock Turner, putting his and his family in mortal danger. You used false and maliciously defamatory statements to do so. You celebrated with each turn of the screw into his demise.

Now you are trying to do the same with Johnny Depp, Camille Vasquez and anyone who supports them.

In June 2016, the same week that your puppet Amber Heard appeared on the cover of People Magazine with bruises on her face, you conned the nation with the Emily Doe Victim Impact Statement which you leaked ahead of Brock Turner’s sentencing to media. 

Congresswoman Ann Kuster announced “We are all Emily Doe”. No, we are not. We are not a vicious and malicious tenured law professor who raises money for Hillary Clinton by smearing students, calling for extreme violence and using social media to go on rants.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster and others used this for a “Bi-partisan workforce to combat domestic violence and sexual assault”, unleashing millions in federal grants – under false premise because you boasted you wrote it, not Emily Doe.

You are an embarrassment to women, an embarrassment to Stanford, an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.  

Whatever happened in your own personal life, it does not excuse you or those around you to project vitriol onto others.  

Suicides at Stanford and across the nation have increased in the last few years. Students who disagree or question you are threatened with being targets for sexual violence claims. Kangaroo courts flourish. These only came in after the 2011 “Dear Colleague” Title IX letter which you helped draft, your friend Russlynn Ali signed and Vice President Joe Biden introduced.

You have harmed us all. You make me feel violated and you make us all worry for our children on campus due to your collusion with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and other political contacts.

Shame on Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and every other democrat who has said nothing. Neither they nor you care about the welfare of children, students, teachers, families or professors. 

As Martin Luther King said – “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

The Democratic Party is no longer a friend to any child, parent, brother, sister, teacher, professor as long as its representatives are silent on your behavior. 

There is no inclusivity. There is no diversity. There is no equity because under your and your partners’ flimsy veil of social justice is a system of non-profits and foundations all serving, paying, congratulating each other: Times up, NWLC, Know Your IX, Enough Voter Movement, ACLU, Its On Us, Vital Voices, PAVE, Artemis Rising, Arabella Advisors, Partners for Change, SurvJustice, Emily’s List and on and on. 

Parents are scared, kids are scared. Silence IS violence.

I will not be silent.


A former member of the Democratic party. A mother.

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