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Dear Michael Burdick: An Open Letter to Discuss New Hampshire Whistleblowers and the Fraudulent #MeToo Movement

July 27, 2022

Dear Michael Burdick,

I came across your information while trying to see what other fraud Nixon Peabody had been involved with. I and a few others have been whistleblowers in New Hampshire over a racketeering enterprise which we believe Nixon Peabody is at the center of. This racketeering enterprise started with the suits against the Diocese of Manchester (early 2000’s) when Gordon MacDonald and David Vicinanzo of Nixon Peabody represented the Diocese, sorting out hundreds of settlements for Doe complainants v Diocese of Manchester.

Working with them on the inside of the Diocese was Edward Arsenault (who has an address in West Palm Beach). Filing the suits against the Diocese were Charles (Chuck) Douglas III who had previously been the Chair of the NH Supreme Court and Peter Hutchins Esq. Often with little to no evidence. Also helping them were a police officer, James F McLaughlin. The investigation into the Diocese was ordered by AG Phil McLaughlin and working in his office were Jim Rosenberg and Lauren Noether. Edward Arsenault was also Chair or CEO of the Catholic Risk Management Insurance group and the same for the Catholic Medical Center in New Hampshire. He went on to work for St. Luke’s Institute in Maryland where it became apparent that he had defrauded the Diocese of Manchester, a hospital (Catholic Medical Center I believe) and the estate of a dead priest.

In 2014 he pled guilty to the charges in Merrimack County Superior Court but he shook hands with the assistant AG, Jane Young (currently nominated to be US Attorney for New Hampshire). Instead of serving 4-20 years in Concord men’s prison, he was quickly transferred to Keene County Jail (in the neighborhood of his old pal James F McLaughlin). He was then allowed out on home confinement and quietly released a couple of years ago having had his $288K in restitution paid off while he was in jail. He reappeared under the name of Edward Bolognini at a non-profit (“ReServe”) in New York but keeps an address in DC under Edward Arsenault and one in West Palm Beach where he appears to have started up another news business recently.

As CEO or Chair of the Catholic Medical Center, he was in charge of increasing the profits for the hospital. Catholic Medical Center was recently fined $3.8 million by the US Government for a kick back scheme. Chuck Douglas Esq.e then represented the whistleblower to get him a reward. David Vicinanzo and Gordon MacDonald represented Purdue Pharma when it was sued by New Hampshire for the Opioid crisis. A few weeks before Gordon MacDonald became AG, he managed to block an external audit of thousands of internal Purdue documents which allegedly indicated the company’s knowledge of the addictiveness of OxyContin.

In October 2021, the Pandora Papers leak revealed that $932. 5 billion in hidden trusts and LLCs was hiding in New Hampshire. One of the companies that was mentioned was a large auto dealer. I believe that this is actually Autofair, whose CEO was Andrew H Crews. Crews was also on the board of Directors for Primary Bank and the Chair of Granite One Health which is also tied to the Catholic Medical Centers. Autofair’s sale to an address in West Palm Beach was announced on December 8, 2021 – the same day that the Senate Ways & Means Committee held its first hearing on the Pandora Papers. Andrew H Crews stepped down. A few weeks later, New Hampshire’s Secretary of State William Gardiner (who had been there for 42 years) also stepped down. And then Granite State Recovery Centers also shut down – allegedly due to the revelation that Jeff Hatch had been a known drug trafficker (fentynal) for several years before Vice President Pence was supposed to visit the center at the request of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. (Pence abruptly cancelled his trip to New Hampshire).

Jeff Hatch told one news organization that he was actually part of a bigger network but that he was sworn to secrecy. He was given an incredibly lenient plea deal of probation. He’d trafficked 1500 grams of fentanyl across state lines, ironically along the same route that Autofair had branches. Andrew H Crews was also on the board of Children’s Advocacy Centers who seem to be connected to Edward Bolognini’s new non-profit. There have been complaints about Children’s Advocacy Centers for bullying kids, force-feeding them narratives to help police and prosecutors or to help family courts put them under the care of Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).

For decades DCYF has failed, per audit reports from the US DHHS, but the AG and state agencies have ignored the warnings. Last year the Youth Detention Center was sued in a class action suit for horrific abuse of teens under its care. The State dismissed the suit (Gordon MacDonald was AG at the time) but then there were arrests of workers (13 I believe) who’d sexually abused kids in the center. The AG then started to direct complainants to the NHCADSV who in turn recommended them to David Vicinanzo and Russ Riley Esq. David Vicinznao represents the NHCADSV and he was partner in Nixon Peabody with Gordon MacDonald. The NHCADSV is a state financed agency, it is public. Yet it is now working with David Vicinanzo to train victims for lawsuits against the state for quick settlements, just like the Diocese of Manchester cases. NHCADSV, David Vicinanzo and Gordon MacDonald were also involved in the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation into St Paul’s School and the settlement agreement requiring a “compliance officer” and a contract with NHCADSV.

Chuck Douglas, their pal, had filed the Does v St Paul’s School suits. The public had been promised a copy of the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation Report into St Paul’s School but a judge ruled it private (even though the school had waived the right to privacy). David Vicinanzo praised the decision. Chuck Douglas also filed suit against Dartmouth College in a class action #MeToo suit, helped by PR from NHCADSV again. As the suit was in mediation, Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV launched a nationwide social media campaign to block ABC Good Morning America from airing an interview between Amy Robach and Owen labrie – the St Paul’s School student whose high profile sexual assault trial led to the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation into the school. Had that interview aired, the corruption of this case would have been exposed. The police, prosecutors and NHCADSV would also be exposed. The show did not air due to the pressure put on ABC (including by Congresswoman Ann Kuster who made a call to the network). The Dartmouth suit settled two weeks later for $14 million of which the NHCADSV received what looks like $2.865 million, the lawyers $4.9 million and the complainants $75K each. A few months later, in October 2019, Dartmouth Professor David Bucci committed suicide. He had been named 31 times in the suit and blamed for knowing of sexual assault in his department and not reporting it. He had claimed innocence but the College would not let him defend himself. His wife cited the negative media surrounding the suit for his downward spiral. That media had been promoted by the NHCADSV and paid for by a grant from Times Up/NWLC whose PR rep is SKDK, just like “Its On Us” who came up with the #Survivorsoverratings to block ABC from airing the interview with Owen Labrie. The New York Times called Bucci a “casualty of scorched earth MeToo legal strategy”. He was. He was the casualty of a “Pretrial Publicity” strategy outlined by one of the lawyers and Amanda Grady Sexton of the NHCADSV in a publication from the NCVLI.

Steve Kelly, who co-authored the Pretrial Publicity Guide with Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV, was the lead attorney in the Does v St Paul’s Suits following the Labrie trial and the lead attorney with Chuck Douglas Esq. in the Rapuano & Does suit v Dartmouth College. He was on the board of NCVLI and the NCVLI recommended Amanda Grady Sexton to AG Gordon MacDonald for an award in the wake of the Labrie trial which she had called “an opportunity”. Gordon MacDonald blocked a list of police officers with credibility issues from being released to the public. The case went to the NH Supreme Court. Chuck Douglas argued for the Union Leader. The NH Supreme Court ruled that the list should be made public but that there were police privacy issues, thus delaying it longer. Eventually some of the names were released. One of those was James F McLaughlin, the police officer involved in the Diocese of Manchester cases which Gordon MacDonald and David Vicinanzo had been involved with. It seems that the state (AG’s office) had known of his corruption since 1985 – a decade and a half before the Diocese of Manchester extortion racket began. Currently there is lawsuit against the State for immediate release of all the police officers on the list. The AG’s office is dragging its feet.

I believe that a racketeering enterprise had thrived in New Hampshire which has defrauded the United States and enriched Nixon Peabody, Gordon MacDonald, David Vicinanzo, NHCADSV, Edward Arsenault, Andrew H Crews and others at the expense of public safety and interest. I believe that a RICO suit against the State of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Supreme Court (of which Gordon MacDonald is now Chief Justice), the superior courts, the AG’s office, law firms tied to it (including Nixon Peabody and Shaheen & Gordon, McLane Middleton) will reveal a kind of “Kids for Cash” type scandal of epic proportions and significance. There are several of us who came across this through different experiences and angles. Would you or someone else be interested in bringing this to a federal prosecutor who is outside New Hampshire since the NH Supreme Court Chief Justice, the AG, the Governor, the Banking Department, the US Attorney, the Department of Revenue and the Superior and Supreme Courts all have gatekeepers that are tied into this. Happy to provide further documentation or talk.

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