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August 24, 2022

Is Michele Dauber running Stanford University? Is Ken Dauber running Google? Are they both running the US Department of Education, the Democratic Party and Big Tech?

@la77465262 posted the following tweet: @stanford is #MicheleDauber in charge of your university??

It’s a very pertinent question and one that every parent and student at Stanford should be asking. Not just every parent and student at Stanford but every parent and student at every public and private school, college, university in the nation:

In 2011, the US Department of Education released an unregulated federal directive: “Dear Colleague” – Title IX. Michele Dauber helped draft it. Her best friend from law school, Russlynn Ali, signed it.

Michele Dauber became co-chair of Stanford’s board of Judicial Affairs in 2011.

From that moment on, the assumption of innocence for accused campus students disappeared.

Due process for complainants or for the accused, gone. Suicides suddenly started to increase as well as the number of students dropping out of school.

During Russlynn Ali’s tenure at the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, Michele Dauber’s husband, Ken Dauber, received $26,000 in consulting fees. Russlynn Ali left the department abruptly in 2012 with no explanation from the White House or the Department of Education.

Ken Dauber was an early Google Employee. He had also worked at Netflix which released the film “Audrie & Daisy” – tied to Stanford via Regina K Scully and Artemis Rising Foundation. Regina K Scully’s husband has been on the board of trustees of Stanford.

The Audrie Potts part of the “Audrie & Daisy” story is also tied to Santa Clara County Court and DA Jeff Rosen, Michele Dauber’s friend.

Sep 25, 2019 · In a wash, rinse , repeat case management once seen in 2012, with the suicide of Audrie Pott, Jeff Rosen used the Brock Turner case and a corrupt alliance with Stanford Professor…

Artemis Rising Foundation was also behind “Miss Representation” (released on Netflix) by Jennifer Siebel Newsom (Gavin Newsom’s wife and a Stanford alum) and the racist campus sexual assault propaganda documentary “The Hunting Ground” on which both Regina K Scully and Jennifer Siebel Newsom received executive producing credits along with Maria Cuomo Cole (married to Ken Cole and sister of Andrew Cuomo).

Michele Dauber, in an interview on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, stated that she had seen the “Emily Doe” impact statement that caused national outrage and sparked vigilante hate towards Stanford Student Brock Turner, before it was made public in early June 2016 at the beginning of the final presidential election season running up to November.

She said that she’d sent it to media outlets with the help of one of the makers of “The Hunting Ground”. (“The Hunting Ground” has been debunked. Harvey Weinstein was involved in its distribution as was CNN (Chris Cuomo’s former employer, Jeff Zucker’s former employer)).

Disgraced California attorney Tom Girardi received a special thanks. Jennifer Siebel Newsom allegedly called Rose McGowan on behalf of David Boies to find out how much money it would take to get her to back off her allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein and Kenneth Cole were both involved in the AmFar scandal. Roberta Kaplan who was a founder of Times Up Legal Defense Fund and NWLC had been Harvey Weinstein’s attorney…)

In 2014, the White House under Obama, introduced the “Its On Us” non-profit.

Ken Dauber speaks about it here:

“It’s On Us” has PR representation by SKDK.

Anita Dunn of SKDK was Director of Communications for Obama’s White House and a strategist in his campaign. She is also tied to Google and Hillary Clinton for whom Michele Dauber was a fundraiser. Anita Dunn also advised Harvey Weinstein.

SKDK represent Christine Blasey Ford. Original reports suggest an involvement by Michele Dauber in the letter presented to Palo Alto Congresswoman Ann Eschoo – including articles that suggest Michele Dauber wrote it.

Dauber denied it but given her husband’s and her standing with Stanford, Palo Alto City Council, and the Silicon Valley Democratic Committee, that’s questionable.

SKDK also represented Times Up LDF/NWLC and helped discredit Andrew Cuomo’s accusers. Tina Tchen and Roberta Kaplan stepped down from Times Up and NWLC. SKDK split company with Times Up/NWLC after admissions of conflicts of interest. Times Up let go of its 70 member board on a Saturday night…

But who was it that demanded that Tina Tchen should resign from Times Up? Michele Dauber. And who was it that said it should disband? Michele Dauber.

John Hennessy of Google, was President of Stanford until 2016. He is now Chair of Alphabet Inc which owns Google.

Employees at Google, Facebook, Twitter made complaints about the Daubers in 2016.

As early as June 2016, whistleblowers at Google, Facebook and Twitter alleged Stanford University professor Michele Dauber and her husband Ken Dauber were experimenting with social media manipulation.

Michele Dauber has tagged Christopher Bouzy at @botsentinel but in fact as @mensurvivetoo has masterfully demonstrated, Bouzy has a rather disturbing history himself with regards to Bitcoin and treatment of his own daughter.

“What the f*ck happened to Stoicism?”
William of Occam’s video critiquing Chris Bouzy and Bot Sentinal

A nanny who worked for the Daubers alleged that she was a witness to Michele Dauber’s drunkenness and maltreatment of her kids. Michele Dauber’s eldest daughter, Amanda Dauber, committed suicide in 2008.

The bio here mentions Dauber’s daughter killing herself – it seems likely this is the source of Dauber’s fanaticism – she accused her brother, Michael Landis, of raping Amanda when Amanda was 5 – I do not know it to be true, Dauber is too dishonest to be relied upon – but Dauber does admit she got involved with #MeToo not long afterwards- so, it appears she blames the suicide on the alleged rape and now her activism is a way to get revenge for her daughter’s death.

No matter what Michele Dauber and Ken Dauber do, they are immune.

Given Dauber’s prior employment at OCR and an event he organized on May 17, 2013 [portion removed] Web Link some in the community began to wonder whether Dauber himself was behind the complaints, and if so, to what extent. When the school board race geared up for 2014, the Palo Alto Weekly sought to clarify the issue in a video interview with Dauber in October.

Russlynn Ali left the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to work with Laurene Powell Jobs, a member of Stanford’s board of trustees until June 2022. Laurene Powell Jobs and Russlynn Ali have “XQ Institute”. Russlynn Ali is also a board member of “Education Trust” and managing director of the education fund at Emerson Collective – another of Laurene Powell Jobs’ organizations.

Catherine Lhamon, who replaced Russlynn Ali at the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, was on the board of non-profit with Michele Dauber from 2005-2014 (possibly Education Trust – West). Catherine Lhamon threatened to withhold federal funds from educational institutions if they didn’t follow the “Dear Colleague” unregulated guidelines drafted by her friend Michele Dauber and signed by Dauber’s other friend Russlynn Ali. Russlynn Ali and Michele Dauber were friends in law school. Who was their supervising professor? Ken Dauber.

In law school, Dauber stood out for her “shredding intellect,” said her friend Russlynn Ali. “She was sophisticated. She was unique. She had children. A life that would cripple most people, she had overcome with grace.” Ali added: “You can’t not respect her, whether you agree with her or not. And you better come prepared if you’re going to disagree with her.” While at Northwestern, Michele met Ken Dauber, a divorced father of one, whom she married in 1997.

After the 2020 election, Anita Dunn and SKDK were named in a lawsuit which alleged they had been involved in suppressing criticism of Alex Padilla, Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom.

How much did the Daubers have to do with this?

Catherine Lhamon worked for Gavin Newsom between the Obama and the Biden administration. Kamala Harris was the deciding vote for her confirmation to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights this go round.

KC Johnson who penned the above article, has sued the Department of Education which has blocked access to correspondence between Catherine Lhamon and Michele Dauber.

What are they all hiding?

The SEC has recently requested whistleblower tips from the public regarding social media manipulation. How many tips does it take when it comes to the Daubers?

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