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#Uber, #ItsOnUs, #MeToo, #TimesUp #HarveyWeinstein, Campus Rape Culture: Edward Bernays’ “Invisible Government” in action

In the summer of 2021, a bombshell report from New York Attorney General Laetitia James alleged that Women’s Rights Activist non-profit Times Up and its affiliate the National Women’s Law Center had been in contact with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to discredit women who had accused him of sexual misconduct while working for him. Roberta Kaplan, stepped down from the organization soon followed by the founder of Times Up: Tina Tchen. Tina’s resignation letter didn’t apologize for her actions behind the scenes. Instead, she stuck to a narrative of being proud of what she and the others had accomplished for women.

Times Up rid itself of its 70 board members by email on a Saturday night.

The NWLC contract with Democratic PR company SKDKnickerbocker was severed after its splashy January 2018 announcement.

The organization put in place it’s COO, Monifa Bandele to take over – she was supposed to take over BLM earlier after Patrice Cullors stepped aside but the deal never materialized and BLM’s financial woes started to show.

But what was Monifa Bandele taking over? What is Times Up underneath it’s trademarked moniker? What’s the real connection to the #MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein, CAA, the Obamas, Clintons, Joe Biden and even Jeffrey Epstein? What is the value of a non-profit whose founders undermined the very women their organization promised to support?

Let’s start with the appointment of New York’s Attorney General, Laetitia James who replaced AG Eric Schneiderman who stepped down after he was accused of sexual assault. His ex-wife, Jennifer Cunningham, however defended him. That might be understandable except that she was one of the principles of SKDKnickerbocker which counted among its clients NWLC, Vital Voices, It’s On Us and other feminist driven non-profits.

More confusing is that one of Andrew Cuomo’s accusers, Charlotte Barrett, appears as Sally Smith in a false accusation Title IX lawsuit filed by a John Doe v Hamilton College.

Of course, mainstream media has not referenced that which then begs the question, what actually happened that Lindsay Bolan changed her stance on Andrew Cuomo’s attitude towards women and Laetitia James called out Times Up/NWLC?

Could the downfall of Harvey Weinstein provide a clue? And before that “The Hunting Ground” documentary and the infamous Rolling Stone “A Rape on Campus” story that ended up with the Eramo v Rolling Stone defamation case? I believe so.

In the fall of 2016, Vanity Fair published an article about Malia Obama’s gap year and her internship with Harvey Weinstein. At the time, it appeared that Malia Obama was being groomed to become a movie mogul herself. Who better to learn from than Harvey Weinstein, the man Meryl Streep called “God” at the Oscars? Reportedly one of the biggest fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Kristin Gillibrand and the DNC.

In retrospect, the Vanity Fair article would seem to be a carefully orchestrated piece of PR to smooth over Harvey’s reputation as a sleazy thug. The hacked Sony emails confirmed this image. If you work in the entertainment industry, you would not be sending your 18 year old daughter to work for Harvey Weinstein. So why did the Obama’s? What was the end goal?

According to Ronan Farrow, NBC blocked him from exposing Harvey Weinstein in February 2017.

Bear in mind that the story is from Vanity Fair who also published the promotion piece for Malia Obama and Weinstein earlier……

Who was really behind stopping the Ronan Farrow exposé? Malia Obama had just been spotted at the Sundance Film Festival with the Weinstein Company in January 2017. NBC Today Show had been one of the go-too shows for the White House Task Force affiliate PAVE to expose sexual misconduct. Tina Tchen had recently served as Michele Obama’s Chief of Staff and Chair of the Council for Women and Girls. She had been front and center with the White House Task Force and the Its On Us campaign. Obama’s press secretary went to work at NBC shortly after…

Harvey Weinstein was seen hanging out at the Hotel Du Cap during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017: sitting in a suit on the edge of a chaise lounge outside the chateau talking to someone sunning himself in his shorts on the terrace of his garden room -Armie Hammer perhaps, who was at the height of his stardom with “Call Me By Your Name” – the story of a 24 year old (played by Armie Hammer who appeared significantly older) who goes to Italy and has a sexual affair with the 17 year old male of his academia-tied hosts. Nobody seemed to care about the fact that the 17 year old was not an adult seduced by someone 7 years his senior. The very same crowd who had criminalized teenage sex among peers, were quite happy to accept the coercion of a 17 year old by a 24 year old man. Because they were both male and there was no Violence Against Women Act money attached to cause them to think otherwise?

Over the course of Summer 2017 news came out of a celebrity-filled fall wedding at the Algonquin Hotel for Harvey Weinstein’s new best friend – Roy Price (head of Amazon Studios at the time) to Lila Feinberg. Harvey’s wife Georgina was to design the wedding dress through her Marchesa label. Harvey was supposedly in talks with both Amazon and NBC for his debt-ridden company to be bought.

And then it all went belly up:

But before October 2017 when the rosy picture turned sour, something happened:

“Tulip Fever” screened at the Telluride, Venice and Toronto film festivals in September 2017, only to be trashed by critics who had loved the earlier collaboration between John Madden and Harvey, “Shakespeare in Love”. I believe “Tulip Fever” may have been the last chip given to Harvey to pull The Weinstein Company out of a hole; a chance at an Oscar run.

When Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey published their expose in October 2017, Alyssa Milano started the #MeToo movement which quickly went viral. This happened after the initial silence from the Obamas and Clintons.

Alyssa Milano is married to an agent at CAA (where Obama and Biden were repped, and which also represented Tina Tchen as a speaker). CAA was accused of harboring agents who knew of Harvey’s misconduct but still sent actresses to meet him.

Bryan Lourd, a key partner at CAA and friend of Harvey Weinstein’s, had attended a White House Dinner in 2011 where Tina Tchen was also present. Whether that is where they met, I’m not sure.

Bryan Lourd also took Harvey Weinstein to meet with Bob Iger at Disney in 2008 or so when Harvey needed help coming out of an earlier cash crisis.

There was another problem to face in the fall of 2017: “The Democrats were “dogged” with Weinstein cash according to one article.

Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Gavin Newsom and the DNC all had donations from Weinstein. Caught in an awkward position, they vowed to give the money to women’s interest non-profits. CAA was then struck by another blow: an agent was forced to resign following discovery that he’d forced an actor to have sex with him as a quid pro quo to gain access to directors.

If you look up CAA online, one of the first things you will notice is that it is a predominantly white male driven company.

You’ll also come across this from 2013:

And then there is this and CAA’s place with major global branding – also from 2016:

Looking back on fall 2017, was CAA was facing a branding crisis? Whatever money was owed by the Weinstein Company to CAA or its clients wasn’t going to come in; its own partners were facing scrutiny for their role in allowing Harvey’s behavior to continue and one of their own agents was using sex to blackmail a client. Not a good look for the agency where Obama and Biden, with their “Its On Us” branding, had signed up. The agency that had presumably introduced them to so many A List celebrity friends on whom they relied to host fundraisers when visiting LA.

Three weeks later, in early January 2018, Times Up was announced, complete with logo, trademark and a $13 million cash injection, a list of actresses, some of whom, like Alyssa Milano and Reese Witherspoon, are married to CAA Agents. Tina Tchen, CAA, Global Brand Management Group, Times Up and SKDK – what a powerful combination. The #MeToo #TimesUp narrative effectively took over the awards season with its dress black code for the Golden Globes, BAFTA’s and the Academy Awards.

Where did that $13 million cash injection for Times Up come from? Was it really from the Hollywood agencies or was it actually the Harvey cash that dogged the DNC that had been promised to women’s interest non-profits by Hillary Clinton? And since Jeffrey Epstein endorsed it, we have to ask where he fits in to all of this:

Why did Harvey go down when he did? Ken Arletta writes that he tried to out Harvey in 2002. So why did it take so long? And why were the Obamas and the Clintons so in love with Harvey? Were actresses told to say that Harvey is “God” and wear Marchesa gowns to the Oscars aired on ABC, a Disney company whose PR representation was also with SKDK, Anita Dunn and Hillary Rosen? Had the Oscars effectively become an international televised political fundraiser for the DNC?

If Harvey Weinstein had climbed out of debt in 2017 with a success for “Tulip Fever”, would CAA, its Wall-street backers (TPG via David Bronderman, who stepped down from the board of Uber for sexual harrassment claims) or the DNC have cared? I have to say that I doubt it. And that’s where all of this becomes deeply disturbing to me, as a woman who has only ever given to Democratic candidates and who had such hopes for the Women’s March without realizing that women were being used. In hindsight it feels like a political marketing scam: the monetization of a brand crisis via #MeToo and #TimesUp. It’s a disgusting feeling to realize that we’ve been sucked in by social justice causes which put attractive women in the front as the veneer shady enterprises.

Somewhere along the line, somebody decided to take Harvey down to settle a debt using sexual assault as the easiest method to do so. He should have gone down decades earlier but he was protected by a machine filled with enablers because that’s what made the money go round.

Suddenly in the summer of 2017, it must have become evident that CAA knew it couldn’t get the money back owing to it/its clients, from the Weinstein Company. Was TPG concerned as a majority shareholder? Was TPG involved in soliciting the article that would take down Harvey Weinstein?

Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s daughter, had sold herself to Harvey to represent him based on her assertions that she knew how survivors worked so she could use that to help him, against them.

What did she find out and what did she tell her mother, Gloria Allred, who had been a member of the DLC with Tina Tchen and Roberta Kaplan a year earlier?

While Alyssa Milano was the ambassador of the #MeToo movement, Tina Tchen & Gloria Allred orchestrated the rest: Gloria went shopping for victims and Tina’s Time’s Up provided the PR and demonstrations outside the courthouse stirring public hatred against Harvey – the man that once was hailed as “God”.

The guilty verdict was a major victory for Tina Tchen, Times Up and #MeToo….

After the verdict, NBC gave the mic to Gloria Allred, a spectator in the trial, while barely giving Donna Rotunno, Harvey’s criminal defense lawyer, a chance to speak at all.

Gloria had asked for the Weinstein Company to put up a fund for victims to come forward. She also reported that she had been talking to AG Laetitia James’ office to get approval for bids to buy the company and that she personally recommended Maria Contreras-Sweet to lead a group of investors to purchase the ailing mini-major. The deal never happened because the investors were advised against it – no surprise given that there were dozens of lawsuits pending, debts mounting. But what is surprising about Maria Contreras-Sweet is that she was also part of the Obama administration and therefore, one supposes, part of the inside club with Tina Tchen. Sweet commented after the deal to buy Weinstein Company went south that they had been keen to buy a studio that would be female led and that they would still be interested in the assets. There have been plenty of female studio heads: Sherry Lansing at Paramount, Amy Pascale at Sony, Donna Langley at Universal. What was really going on? Was the intent for Times Up to take over the Weinstein Company or for Malia Obama or Tina Tchen? Who was driving Maria Contreras-Sweet’s interest?

Times Up LDF/NWLC had another high profile case they were involved with: they had provided the money for #MeToo media for Rappuano & Does v Dartmouth College – Kirsten Gillibrand’s and Rep. Ann Kuster’s alma mater. Nine women came forward in fall of 2017 to accuse 3 professors in one department of sexual assault. I understand that some of these women were solicited. The demand was $70 million. It settled in August 2019 for $14 million from which the two attorney’s, Steven J Kelly Esq. and Chuck Douglas, reportedly received $4.9 million in fees, the 9 complainants $75k each (totalling $675K) leaving a pool of $8.425 million pledged to future victims and better training and resources.

But where did that $8.425 million actually go? It looks like $2.865 million of it went to the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, whose Director of Public Affairs, Amanda Grady Sexton, had worked with Steve Kelly and Chuck Douglas before: creating and controlling the media for the high profile St. Paul’s School sexual assault trial against Owen Labrie (18) and the various Doe v St. Paul’s School suits which followed it. It just so happened that the Dartmouth suit was in mediation precisely when Amanda Grady Sexton, the NHCADSV and several other non-profits including Its On Us, PAVE, Know Your IX, SurvJustice and representatives including Congresswoman Ann Kuster, launched a campaign to block Amy Robach from airing an interview with Owen Labrie on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Amanda Grady Sexton was on Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s re-election committee. Steven J Kelly had given an award to PAVE’s founder, Angela Rose, in 2013. Angela Rose had, per her bio, been a member of the White House Task Force to combat sexual assault formed in 2014 which had a strategic partnership with the University of New Hampshire to “identify campuses displaying rape culture” and to introduce “Bystander Training”. UNH was partnered with NHCADSV. He’d lobbied to the Senate Judiary Committee for a “Victim’s Bill of Rights” in May 2015. He’d been introduced to NH v Owen Labrie by Laura L Dunn who was Joe Biden’s VIP guest to the launch of “Dear Colleague” Title IX directive at the University of New Hampshire in 2011. The trial of Owen Labrie was an opportunity for all of them to promote themselves off a fake story, to railroad a scholarship student at what they determined was an “elite” institution and to turn St Paul’s School into the first private school in the nation to have a “compliance officer” and a contract with a victims advocacy organization – following the master plan from the White House Task Force formed in January 2014.

A year after the Dartmouth suit settled, in spring 2020, a female student at Dartmouth, Maha Hasan Alshawi, went on hunger strike after she alleged that the College had failed to properly investigate her assertions of sexual abuse by one of her professors.

Eventually, yielding to pressure after Maha had left the US due to Covid and/or visa issues, Dartmouth promised an “independent” investigation. The law firm they hired was known for defending educational institutions accused of wrongdoing. Dartmouth announced that under preponderance of evidence standards, their professor was not guilty. Case closed.

Several students at Dartmouth committed suicide in the 2020-21 year. One or more of them had allegedly been a victim of sexual assault and ignored. I thought the settlement from the Dartmouth agreement was supposed to go towards better resources and training for sexual assault cases? Professor David Bucci, the professor who headed the department whose 3 faculty members were accused of sexual assault in Rappuano & Does v Dartmouth case, committed suicide in October 2019. The New York Times called him “a casualty of scorched-earth #MeToo legal strategy”. His wife, indicated that the negative media of the case in which he was mentioned 31 times for allegedly knowing of sexual misconduct in his department and not doing anything about it was likely a contributing factor. To make matters worse, Dartmouth denied him the chance to defend his innocence. So Dartmouth denied one professor the right to defend himself and protected another professor whose alleged sexual misconduct apparently drove a Muslim female student to go on hunger strike. Something is not right.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster received a significant amount in campaign contributions from Dartmouth College in the last election cycle according to Open Secrets. In her previous life as a lobbyist, Dartmouth was a client. So was the drug maker that produces Rohypnol, known as a date rape drug. She had lobbied against the drug being classified as class A despite witnessing tales from women who testified that they were gang raped while under its influence. When it came to Rappuano & Does, Kuster supported the complainants and their anonymity. She said nothing about Bucci’s suicide just as she also said nothing about Maha Hasan Alshawi’s hunger strike. Strange from a representative so adamant about a woman’s right to stand up to institutions, including Congress. Stranger considering that Rep. Ann Kuster opened the 2014 Dartmouth Sexual Assault Summit attended by representatives from over 60 colleges nationwide, the Department of Educations’ Office of Civil Rights, the Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women and members of the White House Task Force with which Tina Tchen was very much involved.

2014 was a mega year for campus sexual assault. It kicked of on January 22, 2014 with the formation of the White House Task Force to work with institutions around the country, local coalitions against domestic & Sexual violence and police departments to combat the statistic being bandied around that 1 in 5 women on campus get raped. “The Hunting Ground” documentary promulgated this theory. Andrew Cuomo’s sister, Maria Cuomo Cole, was an Executive Producer on it. Kristin Gillibrand received a thank you. Members of the White House Task force did as well – including Laura Dunn. It was shown at the White House, premiered at Sundance, went on to win an Oscar. Lady Gaga sang the theme song “Till It Happens to you” at the awards show. The Weinstein Company was also involved in its distribution.

A couple of brave journalists started to see it for the propaganda that it was but the big lie had been sold. Letters from professors at Harvard or Florida State about its factual inaccuracies didn’t matter.

Later in 2014, the Its On Us campaign was launched, tied in to a Government White Paper “Not Alone” published in April that year which outlined protocols for the White House Task Force and partners around the country to tackle an epidemic that RAINN had asserted was a crisis created by activist non-profits, causing a firestorm of criticism from these non-profits. Gloria Allred was featured in Time Magazine immediately after the publication of “Not Alone”, ready to do business using media to smear students accused of sexual misconduct and shame their institutions as leverage for rich settlements.

One day after Laura L Dunn, (a member of the White House Task Force and co-founder of SurvJusitce non-profit, included in the list of resources for spoke at Dartmouth College demanding that there needed to be consequences for sexual assault rather than education or prevention, nearby Concord Police Department held a press conference announcing the arrest warrant of 18 year old Owen Labrie. Dunn had also said that she wanted to be “Gloria Allred big” in one magazine article.

Owen Labrie, 18, was a recent graduate of “elite” St. Paul’s School where notable alumni included John Kerry, Robert Mueller, Gary Trudeau among others. Students at the school had no idea about the agenda laid out by the White House Task Force just a couple of months earlier. Nor did the majority of the population.

He was top of his class, one of two students accepted to Harvard that year. He was captain of the soccer team and recipient of the Rector’s prize for selfless devotion to the school. He faced charges that could amount to 60 years in State prison and life-time sex offender registration for a he said/she said encounter while on school premises on the evening of May 30th 2014, two nights before his graduation. He’d interviewed with the police a full 5 weeks before his arrest warrant. They could have warned his attorney without fanfare to turn himself in. They picked a day when they knew that a lot of influential people were up from DC attending the Dartmouth summit. Was it deliberate? I believe so. Was he targeted? After I read the Eramo v Rolling Stone lawsuit that resulted from the publication of “A Rape on Campus” and saw that also involved the White House Task force and Laura Dunn, I believe it is more likely than not.

The White House Task Force could have picked any high school in the country and found instances of 18 year old senior boys hooking up with 15 year old freshman girls. But St. Paul’s School had prestige that would garner readers from Vanity Fair to People Magazine and viewers from NBC, ABC to Fox and CNN, even Bloomberg.

Besides, UNH was a strategic partner with the White House and had developed “Bringing in the Bystander” training and “Know Your Power” (copying the title of Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 book) with federal grants from the Department of Defense and possibly DOJ and DOE.

Sharyn Potter of UNH was quick to market the training right after the verdict of Owen Labrie. St Paul’s School announced they were using it and Laura L Dunn’s partner, S. Daniel Carter, admitted that the real interest in NH v Owen Labrie was in the school (as opposed to Owen Labrie). So a crime was fabricated, sensationalized and a team of lawyers, publicists, activists mobilized to work with Merrimack County DA and Concord Police Department to target a school, frame a student and gain control with this new product? Apparently so. The products are now marketed under Soteria Solutions Inc with Sharyn Potter from UNH and Lyn Schollett from NHCADSV on the board. They are sold around the country and around the globe. Where the profits go, I’m not exactly sure but the company shares the same logo as Soteria Finance Ltd in London albeit in a different color. That company is a financial holding company that also seems to trade in BitCoin.

Is the Department of Defense funding UNH to develop training that is then marketed and the proceeds kept off shore? It’s most curious.

Sabrina Erdeley, the journalist of the cancelled Rolling Stone rape hoax story (November 2014) had told Eramo, dean of students at UVA that UVA had been recommended as a campus that would display “rape culture”. Laura Dunn emailed with her using her SurvJustice email address, working with her to land the story in newspapers for the White House.

When the story was published, Laura Dunn was one of the first people to promote the story on National TV. Yet she had to have known that “Jackie” was really “Jenna” whose questionable tale of a gang rape had been shared by Sabrina Erdeley’s friend Emily Renda at a White House Task Force meeting where I imagine Laura Dunn had been present.

Just as UVA had been recommended for “rape culture”, so too, I believe, had St. Paul’s School via the White House’s strategic partnership with the University Of New Hampshire and Sharyn Potter who, with Laura Dunn and Lyn Rosenthal had accompanied Vice President Joe Biden to the launch of the unregulated federal directive addressing sexual assault on Campus “Dear Colleague” in April 2011.

The irony in all of this is that the Weinstein Company had been involved in the distribution of “The Hunting Ground”, used to scare monger female students and their families about predatory behaviors of males. The White House had promoted it, Maria Cuomo Cole had been an executive producer on it along with Jennifer Newsom, Gavin Newsom’s wife with whom he’d had an affair when she was married to his campaign manager. And it was allegedly Jennifer Newsom who called Rose McGowan to let her know that David Boies wanted to know how much it would take to retract her accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Alyssa Milano was credible for #MeToo because she was married to an agent at CAA and had the global branding and the DNC behind her whereas Rose McGowan was not. It doesn’t make sense unless you look at how the branding behind all of this worked and who was linked to who.

When Owen Labrie turned himself in on 16th July 2014 to Concord Police Department, he was told they were taking two mug shots because he would be famous. How did they know? St. Paul’s School had been around for around 150 years in New Hampshire with no scandal anywhere near as sensationalized as this. US Attorney Scott Murray’s bio offers a clue. He was District Attorney for Merrimack County in 2014. The decision to prosecute was his alone. He only mentions one trial in his biography. It is NH v Owen Labrie – “a victory for victims rights”.

A recent edit of Scott Murray’s bio has removed this detail. He is now a federal prosecutor for US Attorney Jane Young who, curiously, was the Assistant Attorney General when St Paul’s School was being investigated following the Labrie trial and which investigation the judge decided to keep private despite the school’s waiver of privacy. Any hope of this crowd holding themselves accountable for what they have done is unlikely given they have gate keepers in each strategic position – all the way up to the White House.

Laura Dunn, according to Wendy Murphy, a feminist activist lawyer who had also been involved in the creation of “Dear Colleague”, was used by the White House. Murphy once expressed on Twitter that she felt sorry for Laura Dunn. Dunn was allegedly used to recruit school students/survivors for the “Not Alone” “Know Your IX” and “Its On Us” Title IX campaigns. Chessy Prout, Owen Labrie’s accuser, was a perfect mascot for the cause. 15 who went along with what the grown ups told her to do according to her memoir “I have The Right To” with intro by Congresswoman Ann Kuster which heavily promotes Laura Dunn, Steve Kelly, SurvJustice, PAVE, Concord Police and Merrimack County Prosecutors. Its publicist, Dan Hill of started his Government PR company in June 2016, the same week that Amber Heard became the face of a victim of domestic violence courtesy of TMZ and People Magazine; the same week that the Emily Doe victim impact statement was ready by Congresswoman Ann Kuster on Capitol Hill and her statement “We are all Emily Doe”. The profiling of males as rapists for the political advancement of females was orchestrated and deliberate with millions tied to it in grants and philanthrocapitalist adventures. So brilliant that you wonder if Jeffrey Epstein himself helped orchestrate it as a new way to raise money for the Clintons and their affiliates. Perhaps that is why he supported Times Up. Perhaps he was in fact tied to the masterminding of its existence.

Owen Labrie the perfect Harry Potter look-a-like that would appeal to students who had grown up with that series of books. Laura Dunn had commented on how useful it was to have Emma Watson as the ambassador for #HeForShe under the same premise. St. Paul’s was the closest the White House Task Force could find as Hogwarts for the cause.

When you look at this press release from 2014 for UN Women and #HeForShe with Emma Watson and the comments from Laura Dunn, you realize they had a plan and they were going to use kids and students to execute that plan.

You also realize that they knew they could weaponize social media to execute that plan. Amber Heard’s Glamour Magazine “Amber Heard is Nobody’s Victim” is a continuation of the messaging that was started with the 2014 #HeForShe campaign and with “The Hunting Ground” documentary.

The ideological profiles of “rapists” and “abusers” and their “victims”/”survivors” were created and marketed around the globe in Rolling Stone, People, New York Times, Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post, The Independent, The Guardian and others. What better tactic than to go after Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow who appealed to millions across the globe, and upend the fantasy? This is what they did and there must be accountability. Amber Heard is a liar but it is the White House Task Force and affiliates who are truly to blame: Precision Strategies, SKDK, ACLU, NWLC, Know Your IX, PAVE, SurvJustice, the Department of Education, Department of Justice, Senators, members of Congress, Attorney Generals and police departments who allowed ethical walls to be eviscerated. Trial by media was desired, encouraged. It backfired when Johnny Depp used his money and fame to challenge this extraordinarily dangerous profiteering venture that had the full force of Biden, Clinton’s and Obama’s backing behind it.

It’s very sad to find that David Pouffle who was so successful with social media for Obama’s 2008 presidential win, is tied to the unlawful behavior at UBER which only recently was partnered with #ItsOnUs. But it’s not surprising when you consider that Obama was the “Facebook President” and that Facebook has admitted to the deliberate weaponization of social media – something the White House Task Force affiliates knew and used for their own advantage.

I had HOPE in 2008. I believed in Obama. I believed in the Democrats. I believed they would look after women’s rights. I feel violated: Women and girls have been manipulated and used. Our children have been targets, coerced, indoctrinated or else profiled for an agenda that has been in place for a while, covertly infiltrating media, campuses, courts, businesses, politics – for profit.

It is trafficking in its purest form.

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