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July 29, 2022

What if the #MeToo Movement and before that the Campus Survivor Movement was a cover up for sex trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering? Let’s explore:

In early August 2020 it was reported by Mainstream Media that Daisy Coleman – a rape survivor featured in the Netflix Documentary “Audrie & Daisy” – had committed suicide.

Was it a suicide or was she murdered?

How does Daisy’s death tie into the #MeToo movement, the White House “Not Alone” task force, non-profit PAVE ,Ghislaine Maxwell’s date to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – Ted Waitt – and a Government Relations PR company called

Read on:

Shortly after Daisy’s memorial service, Melinda Coleman (her mother), published the following FaceBook Post which was critical of PAVE and its founder Angela Rose, ambassador Delaney Henderson and the organization’s affiliates.

Daisy had been an ambassador for PAVE which was founded by Angela Rose in 2005 and had been a central feature during the Obama administration’s Campus Sexual Assault/Survivor Movement (2009-2017).

PAVE had promoted “Audrie & Daisy” which also featured Delaney Henderson, another PAVE ambassador.

“Her mother Kym Henderson and Angela were there immediately to take over every speaking event and interview and try to turn it into a PAVE event.”

“You used my daughter in life. You will NOT use her in death. “

“I will have an attorney to stop her from using my daughter’s likeness. She and her mother and Angela nearly killed my daughter. They don’t care about her. This is over. Also, no one was there from any of these groups when I was holding my dead daughter and needed $1000 additional to get her body. Not one of the organizations that made bank on her life and were already taking donations for her death would help me. If it was up to them, my daughter would still be on that slab in Colorado. You are done using my daughter and hurting her. Delaney Henderson’s betrayal was second only to those who raped here and covered up the rapes. Also, Delaney Henderson completely lies about how she met my daughter in the documentary Audrie and Daisy. 100% lies!!!!”

Four months later, in December 2020, Melinda Coleman took her own life. She had lost her husband, one son and Daisy.

Between September 2020 and December 2020 Melinda sent several texts to me.

She texted me Daisy’s last video call in which she claims to be being stalked by a sex trafficker contradicting other reports after her death which asserted she took her life due to her rape by several boys when she was a young teenager. A copy of those last words is at the end of this article.

Melinda wanted Daisy’s death investigated as a homicide, but PAVE ambassador Delaney Henderson used Daisy’s death to lap up attention for herself. Delaney and Angela Rose had new positions with a Private Detective Agency in Palm Springs California while PAVE’s activities went somewhat quiet:

Nobody at PAVE or even associated with PAVE seemed to pick up on the reports of threats of sex trafficking while SafeBAE, an organization that Daisy Coleman had founded with Shael Norris, posted a statement on its Twitter page which indicated that PAVE was using SafeBAE to collect for itself. It is still the pinned tweet:


@safe_bae – Jun 1, 2018

@safe_bae, its board, co-founders, staff and advisory board are in no way associated with @PAVEinfo @tweetangelarose or anyone affiliated with PAVE. Any and all claims otherwise or funding requests claiming so, are fraudulent.

On the board of PAVE was Alexander Prout, the father of Chessy Prout – an ambassador for PAVE (and complainant in NH v Owen Labrie) – who had shown “Audrie & Daisy” to Congresswoman Ann Kuster (NH-D) in January 2017. Chessy had also introduced Kuster to Delaney Henderson and Kuster was reported to have discussed ways in which to collaborate with PAVE.

PAVE promoted Chessy Prout’s book with intro by Congresswoman Ann Kuster in March 2018.

Chessy’s mother, Susan Prout, tweeted a RIP notice after Daisy’s death but that appeared to be the extent of the Prout family’s interest in her tragic death.

How could it be that a family that had been so vocal about sexual assault could not speak up and demand answers about Daisy’s death?

Since then, the Prout family have distanced themselves from PAVE, focusing on their own non-profit (which appears to be a spinoff of PAVE just as Laura Dunn’s SurvJustice also appeared to be a spinoff of PAVE) and non-profits RAINN and Vital Voices (where Chessy Prout is an ambassador and Alexander Prout is Chair for Vital Voices Solidarity).

Vital Voices was founded by Hillary Clinton in 1997 and is a recipient of funds from the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Foundation. (Amber Heard was a VIP guest to a Vital Voices event in 2018).

Jeffrey Epstein boasted that he helped start the Clinton Foundation while Ted Waitt, Ghislaine Maxwell’s date to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding gave millions to the non-profit. Ted Waitt was also involved in the financing/production of “Audrie & Daisy”:

Epstein’s victims have been seeking discovery about the flow of cash from both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Foundation.

PAVE (whose funding has been unclear) had been behind Chessy Prout and her family’s interview with Savannah Guthrie in August 2016 which led to Congresswoman Ann Kuster recognizing Chessy Prout on the house floor in September that year.

Government PR guru Dan Hill who started his company in June 2016 states that Chessy Prout is his client. Yet he has refused to answer questions about when she became a client, who introduced her or why she would need a Government PR agency. He has also stated that he doesn’t represent politicians and has implied that he doesn’t represent PAVE. Yet Dan Hill promoted with introduction by Congresswoman Ann Kuster which heavily promotes both PAVE, SurvJustice and

Ted Waitt’s foundation was started in 2004 when he left Gateway Computer in financial ruin with over $400 million in debt. It looks remarkably like Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project which closed shop 6 days after Epstein’s arrest. Amir Dosal of UNWomen was on the board of TerraMar. And, according to one report, it seems that Patrick Ho (a Chinese Super-Spy working with Hunter Biden) was also involved:

According to Melinda Coleman, Angela Rose of PAVE had approached her family to get Daisy while Daisy was still recovering in hospital from a gang rape. Melinda had told Angela that Daisy was too fragile. Later Angela (or Delaney) approached Daisy again and asked her to be in the documentary “Audrie & Daisy”. Daisy agreed thinking that she would be helping other victims of sexual assault. But, per the Facebook post at the top of this article, not only was Daisy terribly treated by Angela Rose, Daisy Henderson and PAVE but the film made claims that were not true.

In 2013, an attorney from Maryland: Steven J Kelly Esq, had given an award to Angela Rose, the founder of PAVE. Kelly went on to become the Prouts’ personal representatives in NH v Owen Labrie (2015) and lead attorney in Does/Prout v St Paul’s School filed on June 1, 2016, settled January 2018.

Dan Hill started his Government Affairs PR firm on May 18, 2016 and announced it in early June (the same week that Amber Heard became a DV victim on the cover of People Magazine, that Congresswoman Ann Kuster read the Emily Doe Victim Impact Statement and claimed “We are all Emily Doe”, the same week Steven J Kelly gave radio interviews about the Doe/Prout v St Paul’s School suit; the same week that NBC’s Today Show was given a copy of the St. Paul’s School suit.

In August 2016, on The Today Show, Chessy Prout announced her new initiative #Ihavetherightto. She was working with PAVE by this point. Steve Kelly is listed as an agent in the paperwork of the non-profit The organization, per Guidestar and Pro-publica has not yet filed an IRS Form 990. It’s 2022.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster discussed ways in which to collaborate with PAVE in January/ February 2017. PAVE publicly criticized the retrial hearing (for “ineffective counsel”) of Owen Labrie who Chessy Prout had accused of sexual assault in June 2014 and testified against in a criminal trial in August 2015.

In April 2017, Congresswoman Ann Kuster took Chessy to speak at the University of New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce Law School. Chessy was an ambassador for PAVE. A few days later, Owen Labrie’s retrial was denied.

PAVE’s records go back to 2005 per Guidestar. It was founded by Angela Rose (aka Angela Bartucci -> ).

Angela Rose started a Wikipedia page in November 2008, a few days after Obama was elected.

In December 2010, Angela Rose was featured in a photograph featuring Laura L Dunn (who was a fellow alumn of the University of Wisconsin, Madison) who became an ambassador for PAVE and then started non-profit “SurvJustice” in 2014 with S. Daniel Carter, also featured in the photograph. Others in the photograph include Russlyn Ali (who signed the unregulated Title IX “Dear Colleague” letter which Laura Dunn had worked on along with Stanford Professor Michele Dauber – a close friend of Russlyn Ali’s). The photograph can be found at the end of this 2017 Op-Ed by S. Daniel Carter.

PAVE seemed to enjoy a certain amount of publicity tied to Angela Rose’s position with the White House “Not Alone” Task Force (2014), as did Laura Dunn. Tyler Kingkade, is a reporter who seemed to cover their causes:

PAVE, Angela Rose, Delaney Henderson and Laura L Dunn were also recruiting other women to their cause: Chessy Prout, Andrea Constand, Daisy Coleman. But after Melinda Coleman’s Facebook post everyone scattered.

Melinda texted me on October 2nd 2020 to say:

“They (PAVE) absolutely recruited Chessy. I can attest to that. Delaney was actually angry and jealous of Chessy. Angela kept saying how Chessy (s) parents were very wealthy”

“I’m sure they don’t truly care about the movement and the actual people involved. Angela, Delaney and even Chessy I believe are narcissistic liars. I’m sure there was a greed elimate as well but after they hurt Daisy by locking her in the bathroom and stealing her interviews….we were done with them all. It was very hurtful and a terrible betrayal at such a vulnerable time.”

Melinda Coleman

Ted Waitt was spotted with his Super Yacht in Marina Del Rey shortly after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire (ironically in Congresswoman Ann Kuster’s constituency – Merrimack County).

Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s husband’s law firm – Shaheen & Gordon – were Maxwell’s local counsel in New Hampshire. Why did Bill Shaheen want his lawfirm to represent the most wanted woman in the world? Was it because the Shaheens were close to the Clintons and the Clintons were close to Ghislaine Maxwell?

According to journalist Patrick Howley, Shaheen & Gordon have a reputation for representing sex predators:

According to NHPR, there’s $932.5 billion in Pandora Papers accounts in New Hampshire as well.

Chuck Grassley is demanding answers about Hunter Biden including what the FBI knew about his lap top, his business with China and Patrick Ho and his alleged payments for a sex trafficking enterprise.

Could it be that Daisy Coleman was recruited under false premise and that PAVE had a more nefarious use for her? Were young women being recruited by the White House “Not Alone” Task Force affiliates under social justice activism, being brainwashed and then used, trafficked or suicided?

What did Daisy know that she wanted us to know?

Her last words in her video chat:

“Honestly idk what to do anymore. I don’t feel safe. Idk how to feel safe. My apartment won’t answer my calls to change my locks. I don’t have the money to change them myself. I feel so defeated. This man will not leave me alone. I’m tired of the fake Numbers. I’m tired of the fake craigslist ads so others can harass me. I’m just tired and defeated. Have you ever felt like just giving up and letting someone hurt you. Everyone already blames me for getting drugged anyways.

If this man kills me, please don’t let the screenshots go unheard. Maybe this isn’t as intense as blm, but this a white man who isn’t even a cop trying to harass me. The cops will not help me. No one will. Please don’t let George get away with this.

Been crying all night and my clear duct is Inflating wish I could just die already”

Melinda sent me the video chat on October 24th, 2020. Under it she wrote to me:

“Can you make this viral so cops will take this seriously. Also I requested a copy of autopsy. The gun would (wound) was on her left temple to back of head…..she was RIGHT handed!!!”

“How can they ignore her again?”

What is going on?

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