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September 11, 2022

As a trained social psychologist, sometimes one might take their “muscle memory” for granted. By “muscle memory”, I mean those skills one develops and refines to a point where they’ve been ingrained in the fibers of one’s existence. You know what they say about the “Illusion of the Expert”, dear reader? If not, allow me to provide a brief summary. When learning to tie your shoes for the first time, you likely struggled. Now, you probably don’t even think about it. What’s more, if you are a parent like me, then you have likely fallen under this illusion; that is, while teaching your children to do something like tying their shoes, you’ve experienced undue frustration as to why the child struggled (no virtue-signaling allowed here, folks. If you’re a parent, you’ve felt this frustration).

We all experience this to a lesser or greater degree with various tasks and skillsets in our lives. In my case, understanding how groups operate, interact, affect individual psychologies, and are affected by individual behaviors; well, this complex intellectual and pragmatic skillset comes to me in much the same way as tying my shoes. I often take it for granted. Meaning that I have strong “intuitions”, you might call them, about particular sets of situations yet I don’t always necessarily follow through on those intuitions with behavior characterized by intention and confidence. However, I’m learning that I am often quite accurate in these intuitive assessments. Especially with respect to groups and individuals, or ‘social psychology’. This lends itself well to assessments and analyses of behavior on social media platforms especially.

When Johnny Depp won in Fairfax, so many people felt a serious surge of emotions. It’s almost as though the entire world was emotionally invested in the outcome. The reverberations of his victory shook numerous institutions, from the UK Supreme Court, who are obviously either corrupt or inept, to the “towne squares” where we socialize online. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others experienced an unprecedented surge in activity and a monumentally increased disparity in attitudinal extremism.

A Happy JD

To be clear, dear reader, the definition of attitude to which I faithfully subscribe and which I deploy here is: “the ways in which individuals and groups assess and evaluate internal or external phenomena…and the ways in which they consequently behave”. From this, attitudinal extremism refers to the amplification of these assessments, evaluations, and resulting behaviors; whether in one direction or any other. These platforms aren’t merely a gauge of public attitudes, they are an exponentially hyperbolized version of public attitudes. There are numerous theories that make valiant attempts at explanations for this amplification and the complex networks that make up this interface. Regardless of theoretical intricacies, any sensible person could be expected to agree with my premise, yet each of us likely deals with it differently.

At first, JD’s victory divided us into two camps: those who value Truth & Justice and the rest. Of course, this may seem biased towards Johnny’s version of the story, which, admittedly, I am. Especially after watching the trial and performing my own private and published research. This is not to say, however, that I believe everything that JD or his supporters claimed. I’m sure that there is more to the story, some of which likely aligns with the versions of the story provided by Amber, Eve, Whitney, and others. I’m sure that there was at least some truth to their stories. There always is. But in this case I’m sure that most of us agreed that Johnny was telling the Truth (capital T) and achieved Justice (capital J). DV survivors the world over, men and women, rejoiced. A new community was formed that was welcoming; a community that absolved many of us of our fear of stepping forward; a community that acted as a salve for old wounds, a hug for lonely hearts, and a fierce wolfpack to protect the timid. At first, it was glorious.

Depp v Heard was a case that has had global impact. It has also raised questions about the legitimacy of the UK Supreme Court and our public notions of “Truth”.

JD’s victory was a bacchanalia of joy for many. However, as my followers well know I was suspicious of the events within and surrounding the trial. I performed a great deal of research into the Depp case, the processes and results of which you can find on this website. My research was based on the nearly irrefutable proposition that there was more to the story than we were being told. If you find that arguable, then I’d love to debate it, but for the sake of this particular article that argument will be left in abeyance.

From that proposition, I performed rigorous data collection and analyses. I also engaged with a multitude of JD supporters online who were also questioning the events and seeking the deeper truth behind the situation. The obvious power and force being applied throughout JD’s eight years of hell reeked of corporate and political corruption. The results of my analyses have revealed this to be verifiable; that various corporate and governmental actors have been conspiring to create victims for profit and JD was a casualty of this war. I believe that it was Asra Nomani who coined the term “entrepreneurial victim industry”, or something to that effect. Her awesome work, “Anatomy of a Hitpiece”, informed many members of the community. Research performed by myself and many others has confirmed that this “industry” is indeed a manifest phenomenon. Victims for profit. And the villains are many and strong. Villains who have been plotting these kinds of outcomes for a long time and who are highly skilled in the “Art of War”; a philosophy that understands more than full frontal assaults. The Trojan Horse exemplifies it’s, shall we say, dear reader, ‘softer side’. The sheep’s clothing, so-to-speak.

Many of us in the community already knew that the verdict wasn’t going to be the end of the pressure being applied by the perverse power that creates perpetrators to punish for the insidious purpose of profiteering. As Michel Foucault outlined, society is a prison. A panopticon where the warden can see the prisoners at all times while being shielded behind a specially treated glass. While Johnny got Justice, the Warden must have been fuming and already deploying the next set of plans in the manifold. See, while the term “follow the money” may be anachronistic – that is, that “money” no longer really exists in concrete reality as it has been replaced by it’s digital and ideational offspring, Kapital – it easily translates into a more sophisticated conceptualization of “tracing capital”.

There are very few examples of a true “captain-of-industry” willingly neglecting an opportunity to accrue capital. There are even fewer examples of such fatcats willingly allowing the loss of capital. Not without a vicious fight, at least. And these kinds of combatants, well, these are the people who developed tradecraft and statecraft. That is, the art of espionage and diplomacy, respectively. As the developers and consistent practitioners of these dark arts, the actors I speak of are indeed already ten steps ahead of you and I, dear reader. For they are the invisible hand. They are Moloch.

I won’t be getting into whether the “elites” engage in “child sacrifice” at “bohemian grove”. I won’t ridicule those perspectives either. I’ve put the terms in quotes because they are as falsifiable as they are intriguing and believable. Although the Pagan God of Child Sacrifice isn’t my focus here, it’s relevant to make note of because social media, in it’s hyperbolic meta-representation of public attitudes, aligns with Alan Ginsberg’s poem Howl

Moloch whose mind is pure machinery!
Moloch whose blood is running money!
Moloch whose fingers are ten armies!
Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dynamo!
Moloch whose ear is a smoking tomb!

Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows! Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long streets like endless Jehovahs!
Moloch whose factories dream and croak in the fog!
Moloch whose smoke-stacks and antennae crown the cities!

Eighteenth-century depiction of the Moloch idol, “The idol Moloch with seven chambers or chapels.” It was believed these statues had seven chambers, one of which was reserved for child sacrifices.
Wikipedia Commons

Moloch embodies the immolation of innocence itself, which JD represents in many ways. The mythological lexicon would suggest that fire has historically represented the death and destruction of individuals or their particular cultures as well as the rebirth of something new, something different, something hopeful. As we learned more about how Johnny’s innocent generosity had been grossly exploited and molested, our innocence was lost along the way and we wept for ourselves as much as we wept for a decent man who had been through hell itself; a hell that was similar to the experiences of many of us in the community. As we learned of some of JD’s less-than-admirable qualities, our idealizations became grounded in reality and an idol became a man. This only magnified the compassion felt by the majority of those who were paying attention. The plot had backfired and the immolation of innocence – the creation of victims for profit – became a metaphysical paradox. Whereas the long-game was, without question, designed to divide the public, many in the community would agree that it was as if we had become family.

This was not the expected outcome. The long-game, without question, was to increase division and sow discord. As any reasonable person can observe, Twitter, Facebook, and streaming platforms became a battleground where paid trolls engaged with the sole purpose of attempting damage control of the dominant narrative. Folks like ‘Kamila’, SwedishJewFish, Charlotte Proudman, and Kat Tenbarge, among others, became the prominent propaganda peddlers; whatever Albatross they each may carry. The ‘two camps’, as it were, became JD supporters v Amber stans and the corporate and State apparatus that expected to profiteer off this case – a case related to a much broader industrial enterprise – were not about to allow the loss of the high-ground; although merely a conjecture of mine, some of which is supported by evidence, I’m more than certain that the paychecks began to roll out to the propagandists to keep the narrative going in a direction that would prevent serious capital losses.

A Chinese bamboo book, closed to display the cover. This copy of The Art of War (on the cover, “孫子兵法”) by Sun Tzu is part of a collection at the University of California, Riverside. The cover also reads “乾隆御書”, meaning it was either commissioned or transcribed by the Qianlong Emperor.
Wikipedia Commons

However, just like the love for and popularity of Johnny’s generous character had served to dissolve the discursive assaults, the popularity of predominant members of the JD community, like TUG, Andy, and others, was of such integrity that an assault from the outside was a Sisyphean endeavor at best. The experts in tradecraft and statecraft were faced with restrategizing.

The Art of War is used as instructional material at the US Military Academy at West Point, in the course Military Strategy, and it is also recommended reading for Officer cadets at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

One notable message from the Art of War surrounds the importance of strategies of deception to the practices of intelligence and tradecraft, as evidenced in the following:

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

It’s not surprising then that the villains behind this, which we can confirm are political and corporate actors who have undoubtedly espoused Sun Tzu’s philosophy, would now choose to turn to Trojan Horses. That is, rather than recruiting and deploying “enemies” to assault the Truthseeking community, it would make much more sense under the current circumstances that these powerful actors would instead engage in sophisticated strategies of deception. As I’ve previously discussed in my videos in the series “Community Policing in a Digital Age”, the target of these coordinated activities is not a group, an individual, nor is it intended to cause physical harm, per se. Rather, these efforts are exclusively designed to operate in ideological and discursive dimensions to reign-in control over the dominant cultural narrative in such a way that benefits the few while exploiting the many. Our current historical cross-section is marked by a serious challenge to the political and social dominance of radical feminism and the disappointing degeneration of masculinity, particularly in the case of young men, aged 17-25. As a culture, we have been producing the most dangerous human being possible: lost, lonely, jobless, directionless young men; which studies have clearly shown are inclined towards violence, asociality, mental health issues, and more. In this historical cross-section where the struts and scaffolding of the dominant misandristic narrative have been knocked out, the target of these coordinated military/intelligence-esque operations has been to control the narrative. Since the perverse version of radical feminism that fueled this culture war had lost it’s legs, the strategy turned towards infiltrating the community.

Along with other respected members of the social media truthseeking community, I have witnessed numerous individual accounts whose behaviors and proclamations were not consistent with the presumption of innocence, the objective nature of Truth, and the social solidarity that ought to characterize a public that collectively seeks the greater good and beneficial change. Dearest reader, I am not claiming to have otherworldly powers, but instead I hope to inspire you to trust your own instincts refined through rigorous training and practice.

Some will call me out for “false accusations” or for hypocrisy, but these are not the same sets of circumstances, premises, or outcomes. Nor am I a villain in this gently falling feather in tumultuous winds that we call life. The inconsistencies in and patterns of behavior that I’ve witnessed and logged are my evidence. The sound theoretical training and volumes of reading I’ve done are my sword. Certain accounts have clearly shown those characteristics that align with what any reasonable person would expect from a mole, or an individual engaged in espionage, subterfuge, or any other form of internal sociopolitical discursive warfare. The screenshots on the right are a few examples of Twitter messages and screenshots with which I will begin. They were sent to my friend @letshearthetru by @OceanaRune.

These messages were sent after and during a time while Oceana was asking my friend for information about the Depp case, particularly Michele Dauber and Christopher Bouzy of BotSentinal. My friend had engage with some of Oceana’s posts, providing valid and important information, which was met with a diatribe of self-absorbed condescension. Gaslighting, even. Again, I remind you, dear reader, that these are only a few examples.

On top of these arguably disrespectful and borderline narcissistic message exchanges with a person that was once considered a friend, there are numerous other inconsistencies that I must point out. On the left, you will see posts on Oceana’s page after she had blocked my friend (yes, she blocked her first over this ‘hijacking’ claim). These posts show behaviors and attitudes that are incredibly consistent with a narcissistic personality for several reasons.

First, they are certainly not reflective nor authentically descriptive of the message exchanges between Oceana and my friend, LetsHearTheTruth, as you can reference above. Second, although not explicitly asocial or attention-seeking, she is indeed lying about what she refers to as a “secret bouzy wanna be ‘hub'”. I invited her to join the Research Hub I’m developing, which I made very clear was being designed to prevent institutions like Twitter or Facebook or social groups like the radical feminist activists infecting SM these days from deplatforming, canceling, or infiltrating our community (as they already have). Instead, our research could be held on a secure server and made available in a public social media style user environment without worrying about whether corporate or political actors would shut us down.

Second, Oceana is lying. Plain and simple. I know LetsHearTheTruth. We speak regularly. Oceana was the first to block. As childish as this point may be, it’s relevant with respect to the quality of character we are currently examining. She is also lying about having the “receipts”. I have not, nor have any of my friends, seen any remarkable “receipts” from Oceana, merely an aggressive attempt to claim unmerited authority in the matter, drum up mob mentality among our community, and sow discord and division. While I’m aware that some of you are loyal followers of Oceana, if not just friendly with her, and it seems to you that she wouldn’t do something like this; that’s the rub. Whether a narcissist engaged in such activities for self-indulgence or because she’s some kind of social media operative on someone’s payroll.

A central part of the process would be to create a group of followers that would support her; followers who are part of the JD community, social media justice warriors, or truthseekers more generally.

This is how discord is sown. By the book.

I offer you more examples of sowing discord. This time with Laura Bokov, who we know is generally the Queen of Receipts (never mind the fact that she has exponentially more experience as an investigative reporter than OceanaRune).

Regardless of the obvious projection from Oceana, she’s also conflating separate issues in much the same way that one would expect from a narcissist. What’s more, she isn’t prepared to accept several important aspects important to civil discourse and knowledge development. First, the introduction of new information or information to which she may not have access. Second, and perhaps more importantly and revealingly, she creates a false equivalent between the players; conflating Kat Tenbarge with Megan Kelly in order to make a very passive aggressive character assault, the target of which may have been Laura, Megan, or perhaps some subconscious element in her mind. Intentions and motivations are often considered a “black box” as though we cannot gain access to these elements of the thought to behavior pathway. This is merely a hangover from the behaviorism that dominated psychology and the public imagination for too long. Social behavior is the only behavior, whether or not it’s manifest or imagined sociality.

I am not targeting OceanaRune, per se, but, rather, using her account and interactions as a case study. By all means, I am also standing up for myself, my work, my friends, and their contributions to the development of a community of truthseekers. In order for me to underscore my conjecture that OceanaRune is a mole for either a paycheck or self-indulgent fantasy, I’d like to highlight how kind and welcoming that my friends and I were with Oceana from the very beginning. On the right is the first two DMs between her and my friend, @letshearthetru. As you can see, my friend reached out to Oceana out of concern. Oceana replied with the contents of an email that she received from Twitter about how her account was flagged, likely because her original screen name was something like “KillYourTV”, which consisted of a word that violates Twitter’s ToS.

Both @letshearthetru and I were concerned and very kind to Oceana during this time because we believed that her motivations were to contribute to building on our already ongoing research projects. We were willing to welcome her with open arms into our circle of friends and fellow researchers, which, in contrast to what Oceana currently claims, is not “exclusionary” nor dedicated to “false information”. Quite the opposite, which you, dear reader, will be able to see if you review our Twitter feeds or the materials on this site. In fact, I was in the midst of trying to build this brand when @letshearthetru reached out to me for a collaboration. My friend not only wrote excellent pieces for this site, which you can find under “Contributing Reporters”, but also helped inform and build my own research by providing me with a lot of insider information about the Hollywood culture and many of the various actors involved in these long-term schemes.

As has been the case for the entirety of my current research enterprise, the goal was to build a community of like-minded truthseekers with the purpose of resisting the increasing influx of false narratives into our cultural repertoires.

On the right is another example of my friend trying to help Oceana with her “research” as a self-proclaimed “journalist”. She was certain that some pictures that she found online were of the brother of Michele Dauber; pictures that included Michael Landis Dauber’s criminal charge for sexual assault of a minor. Oceana continued to spread this information on Twitter as though it had been verified, even though my friends and I had politely cautioned her that the veracity of this information had not been confirmed. We’ve since discovered that this was not, in fact, Dauber’s brother. The names are mere coincidence. Oceana has yet to correct herself or reach out to either me or @letshearthetru in regards to this error and our attempts to help guide her away from sharing false information on a public forum.

Oceana and I had engaged a number of times on public Twitter threads with respect to this information. I politely cautioned her that she was likely spreading misinformation. She did not respond kindly. I cannot share these tweets because I’m currently blocked and I won’t use another account nor ask friends to hunt down these tweets for these purposes. I can successfully galvanize my argument without them.

As you can see in the above series of Twitter DMs, my friend and colleague, @letshearthetru, only ever tried to help Oceana with her research. In fact, one could presume that the majority of her work is heavily informed by myself and my friend.

Above are more examples of how my friend helped Oceana with her “research”. The final one begins to outline Oceana’s meritless distaste for Elon Musk. Whether you like him or not is not my business. Yes, he has been involved in some shady dealings. That’s what happens in the upper echelons of corporate and economic groups. I direct your attention, dear reader, to Oceana’s reference to a “mole”. While she may have been talking about the “mole” in the Twitter administration, I’m a firm believer in @letshearthetru‘s favorite aphorism: “projection is everything”.

Because of the crazy amount of images clogging up the server cache, I’ve had to split this article in two. Please find part two HERE.

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