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Propaganda, Blackmail, Social Media & The White House: Campus Sexual Assault and a Fraudulent Extortion Racket – A Case Study.

August 17, 2020

As anyone who has a family member or friend in education (either as a student, teacher, professor or administrator) knows, the school and college experience is no longer what it once was: a place to study and/ or play hard; a safe environment free from scrutiny by law enforcement or political activists.

That all changed in the last couple of decades but what’s more curious and troubling is the manipulation that went with this change: using our kids as pawns for a horrific social and political experiment as well as an extortion racket.

The media has always been used as a wing for propaganda. As Upton Sinclair famously said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Wikipedia describes his book “The Brass Check” as
“a muckraking exposé of American journalism.. published in 1919. It focuses mainly on newspapers and the Associated Press wire service, along with a few magazines. Other critiques of the press had appeared, but Sinclair reached a wider audience with his personal fame and lively, provocative writing style.[1] Among those critiqued was William Randolph Hearst, who made routine use of yellow journalism in his widespread newspaper and magazine business. “

What is “Yellow Journalism” you might ask:

“Yellow journalism and yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate, well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.”

Cut to 2008 and the Obama election campaign run by David Plouffe. It was extremely successful, targeted and personal. It was genius. Obama was elected with “HOPE” as a campaign message. He was coined “The Facebook President”. A quick search for Obama and Facebook lands you at the fact that he has a Facebook page with a user inter-action count of 55 million! Meanwhile he only follows 9 accounts himself.

Cut again to 2012 and Obama’s re-election and it became about Facebook and data collection:

Facebook became popular with teenagers and families. But it was also being used to collect data about those teenagers – to help target them and to manipulate them.

From 2009 to 2016, The White House, largely under Vice President Joe Biden’s interest in Violence Against Women (VAWA was passed in 1994) engaged in what can only be described as a disturbing experiment on schools and colleges: creating media and social media to manipulate kids, to then work with police departments using that social media against these kids and to kick kids out of school, charge and prosecute them using false and manipulative means to do so. The end goal? To gain control of the schools and to create a generation of follower-activists.

Case Study: NH v Owen Labrie – the framing of a high school student by the White House Task Force

In 2014, Facebook messages between 18 year old Owen Labrie from St Paul’s School, Concord New Hampshire and 15 year old Chessy Prout, a freshman in his same school, were used by Concord New Hampshire Police to charge and prosecute a star scholarship student at an elite school on an assortment of felony and misdemeanor sexual assault charges and a computer felony for soliciting a minor (carrying with it lifetime sex offender registration).
His accuser, at the time anonymous, had been told about Laura Dunn before the police had even interviewed him. It was a set up.

“I was so, so lucky that the detective who interviewed me while I was laying in a hospital bed had just gotten back from a conference where they had worked on how to talk to and interview survivors of sexual assault. That was pretty serendipitous. She connected us with a wonderful attorney and advocate named Laura Dunn, who, when the trial came around, basically held my hand. She was the first survivor advocate that I ever met in person and she really helped shape the way that I was able to stand up and fight and feel like a survivor after I testified and listened to these boys spew lies, be caught in their lies, and then not face any retribution. “

(Note that the police records note that Chessy Prout originally said “I have never said he raped me” and her book notes that she didn’t know why she was being driven to hospital. She also, per retrial hearing texted Owen Labrie to let him know that “things are getting out of hand” (or similar language) when the police got involved and she was going to hospital).

I will go as far as to say that I believe Chessy Prout (15) was trafficked by Sandra “Buzz” Whalen, the school therapist to Concord Police to Laura Dunn to Congresswoman Ann Kuster (Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Hillary Clinton and DNC) who needed a “young survivor” for political gain. When you read the description of child trafficking and you consider that Chessy Prout’s original statements were manipulated and changed between June 2014 and August 2015 leading to millions for the State of New Hampshire, it something we must consider. Additionally, police & prosecutors seemed fast to brush over “Buzz”‘s name when it came up in trial. Did “Buzz” (who prosecutors didn’t call as a witness) get paid for a Grand Jury?

I believe Chessy Prout was brainwashed, given a script and used by the White House Task Force and its affiliates. It’s a risky statement but in the words of Rosa Parks “Bad Things Happen Because Good People Don’t Speak Out “Each person must live their life as a model for others.”

I also believe that her father, Alexander Prout, had a financial incentive to go along with this.

According to this lawsuit, he was on the rocks with his employer. Going along with the desired narrative would bring financial rewards: rich lawsuit against the school, a non-profit, TV interviews and a place at the table with Congresswoman Ann Kuster and senior members of the Democratic Party. The rewards on offer must have been good as he switched party from Republican to Democrat.

Concord police, per trial records, tampered with Facebook posts but that has been ignored because the Concord Police were working in collusion with the White House Task Force via UNH and NHCADSV and a strategic partnership with the White House Task Force documented in “Not Alone” April 29, 2014

The goal was to use the witch-hunt against the high profile disposable asset (scholarship kid) Owen Labrie to gain access to St Paul’s School. To blackmail St Paul’s in a number of extortion suits and to force St Paul’s to hire a “compliance officer” and have a contract with NHCADSV.

NHCADSV was pushing “Bystander” training and “Know Your Power” which had been developed at UNH through grants from the Department of Defense. St Paul’s was to become an example to the nation per NHCADSV. “Buzz” Whalen may well have been trained in it without anyone at the school’s knowledge when she called Concord Police to announce an “unwanted sexual encounter”. In coaching Chessy Prout about her correspondence with Owen Labrie before she made the call, was she in fact working as an agent for the police? Should she have given Chessy Miranda rights? She was certainly working for someone by not following the school’s – her employer – protocols. It was “Buzz”, per Chessy Prout, who decided to call it “rape” contradicting both the school nurse and Chessy’s housemistress.

St Paul’s was targeted and blackmailed for this White House Task Force/UNH/NHCADSV enterprise and Concord Police was authorized to get files without warrants, make intercept calls, train prospective victims, pay Grand Jury Witnesses to achieve this. Police told St Paul’s School not to alert Labrie he was being investigated. Police told Labrie he didn’t need an attorney, despite his mother’s suggestion. Police lied on an affidavit to frame him to gain access to Facebook data which they then tampered with and St Paul’s School was then force to drink the Kool-aid forced upon them for a period of 5 years commencing September 2018.

Laura Dunn tweeted a congratulations to the Prout family when the mission of getting a compliance officer in there was accomplished in September 2018. Alexander Prout penned an op-ed congratulating the Attorney General on this arrangement. The ethical divisions that should have existed between the Prouts, Concord Police, Merrimack County Prosecutors, the AG, Congresswoman Ann Kuster and the White House Task Force was non-existent.

St Paul’s School was targeted, Owen Labrie framed (profiled: good student, good grades, going to Harvard, athletic and popular and looked like Harry Potter) to be the poster boy of a high school rapist and the White House PR specialists were ready to promulgate the desired defamatory propaganda across the nation and across the world.

Anyone who spoke up was silenced, stalked, or threatened with a defamation lawsuit. That is how powerful this machine was and it can be traced all the way directly to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Ann Kuster, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. It can also be traced up the food chain on the Republican side as well in New Hampshire via DA Scott Murray who was then endorsed by Senator Jeanne Shaheen to become US Attorney for New Hampshire. NH v Owen Labrie was “A victory for victims rights” according to Scott Murray’s bio.

Owen Labrie was the subject of the nation’s first high profile criminal sexual assault trial of a high-schooler. He was also the first student to be criminally tried using media and social media as a tool to stir public hatred and to influence judicial outcome and civil suits to follow it. Non-profits from SurvJustice, PAVE, Know Your IX, PAVE, End Rape On Campus, Its On Us have all been involved in this case and preserving a narrative that portrays Owen Labrie literally as an Isis Terrorist and shutting down any right of his to speak for himself; stonewalling others who ask questions.

As Matt Cooper in Newsweek commented “The case had everything the media could want”. What Matt Cooper probably didn’t realize when he wrote that was that he’d touched on the achilles heel of the White House Task Force whose advisor/member Laura L Dunn Esq had been the personal representative for Chessy Prout, State Witness and Owen Labrie’s accuser who had been picked out to become “the young survivor”/ambassador needed by Laura Dunn for the campus “survivor movement”.

“The case had everything the media could want. St. Paul’s, arguably the nation’s best boarding school, was—the press reminded us constantly—a font of power and privilege and prestige. (All press accounts I read used at least one of the words. Most used two.) It’s the alma mater of Vanderbilts, as well as the State Department’s John Kerry and the occasional eyebrow-raiser like The Breakfast Club’s Judd Nelson. The circumstances of Labrie’s case were tabloid gold…”

Dunn had been Joe Biden’s VIP Guest to the launch of “Dear Colleague” Title IX federal directive at UNH in 2011 and Owen Labrie’s arrest happened one day after Dunn had spoken at the Dartmouth Sexual Assault Summit in July 2014 when over 60 colleges were represented. Congresswoman Ann Kuster introduced the summit.

Dunn, via her non-profit SurvJustice which was directly tied to the White House Task Force and listed as a resource on the site that went with “Not Alone” (now disabled launched a campaign to block the Newsweek article from being published.

If you read the comments under it, you will realize quite how duped the public were by the narrative that had actually been created by the White House Task Force affiliates, NHCADSV and Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s re-election committee member, Amanda Grady Sexton who saw the trial as an “opportunity”.

The “opportunity” and important editorial decisions that Amanda Grady Sexton talked about in the Concord Monitor article above were part of a deliberate strategy outlined here by her and Steven J Kelly Esq who Laura Dunn had brought up with her to work with Concord Police and Merrimack County Prosecutors pretrial after sorting out a deal with the Prout family in March/April 2015 several months earlier. The DOJ paid for this guide to manipulating the media published by NCVLI for whom Steven J Kelly was a board director and Laura Dunn a “partner spotlight”.

Reference to the deal – aka “the details” – between Laura Dunn, Steven J Kelly Esq and the Prout family can be found in Chessy Prout’s memoir, with introduction by Congresswoman Ann Kuster – another piece of targeted propaganda published in March 2018 and publicized by Dan Hill of – A Government relations PR strategist who boasts having secured $21 billion in Government contracts for his clients using special ops type methods (defamatory propaganda).

His site – – used to display its clients, including Chessy Prout. It no longer does. I believe from tweets that he also represents Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV, Laura Dunn of SurvJustice and Angela Rose of PAVE – a non-profit for whom Laura Dunn, Chessy Prout were both ambassadors.

PAVE was also tied to the White House Task Force which was also tied to the Rolling Stone “A Rape on Campus” Story, retracted after it was discovered to be false.

Laura Dunn’s role in the UVA “A Rape on Campus” story can be found in Exhibit 15b of Eramo v Rolling Stone (page 10 onwards are of particular note – everyone should read this to see quite how chilling this enterprise was):

Laura Dunn used media to create fake stories and in NH v Owen Labrie she was successful. Labrie escaped felony sexual assault conviction, so not exactly what was wanted but that didn’t matter because they used media again to make sure that the computer felony conviction stuck so that his life was ruined and Steven J Kelly could then go after St Paul’s School for an alleged $51 million, again using media for leverage.

Amanda Grady Sexton’s husband, Adam Sexton, is a political director for WMUR which was given exclusive TV access to the trial of NH v Owen Labrie. A motion to restrict access for journalists was passed by Judge Larry Smukler (who also seems to have been in on the scheme to frame Owen Labrie to get access to St Paul’s School’s money). Allegedly, Larry Smukler only had one newspaper article on his wall – it was from the Labrie trial. Everyone wanted their 15 minutes of fame and to profiteer and racketeer off St Paul’s disposable asset. Smukler enjoyed his power royally at each and every hearing from 2015 to 2018 when he gleefully put Owen Labrie back in jail having lost his appeals, reminding him that if he didn’t report on the dot to jail on December 26, 2018 that he would enforce the suspended 7 year prison sentence for the computer felony. NBC got the clickbait:

Susan Zalkind, a journalist who was allowed access to the 2015 criminal trial was coincidentally given a copy of the Doe/Prout v St Paul’s School lawsuit before the school was able to get a copy itself. She’s also stalked Owen Labrie earlier in March 2016 and then tweeted her encounter which resulted in his bail being revoked and being put in solitary confinement “for his own safety”.

Susan Zalkind is irritated that 7 years later people are focusing on her coverage of this trial. But as

The question everyone should be asking is why was her coverage so tainted and why does she fail to cover key parts of the trial which were exculpatory to Labrie?

Zalkind was asked recently about it. She accidentally put her foot in her mouth, jumping immediately to the question of whether or not she had a conflict of interests. It wasn’t a question that was asked of her, so it’s telling that she referenced it only to then shut the inquirer down.

While Laura Dunn, Susan Zalkind, the Prout family, Congresswoman Ann Kuster, NHCADSV, Amanda Grady Sexton, PAVE and the White House Task Force profiteered off the propaganda that had been created by their machine, when it came to State transparency on its investigation of St Paul’s School, a judge shut it down.

“Mark Twain famously said that a lie is halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. In an internet age, he might have added that the lie will forever outrun the truth as search engines become ever more efficient,” McNamara wrote.

His ruling decided a case that had been argued in secret.

Eight people who either testified or cooperated with the grand jury retained a lawyer to fight disclosure. David Vicinanzo said they did not want their information or identity out in the public.”

David Vicinanzo is legal counsel for the NHCADSV along with Shaheen & Gordon. Bill Shaheen ran Hillary Clinton’s 2016 SuperPac and 2008 election campaign. Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV was on Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s re-election campaign. Politico called her one of the most plugged in activists and desirable endorsements for a presidential candidate in 2016.

Mission accomplished: Owen Labrie incarcerated, the face of a sex offender. Chessy Prout the face of a teenage survivor. St Paul’s School blackmailed, extorted and controlled. Everyone got rewarded: Concord Police, DA Scott Murray, Amanda Grady Sexton, AG Gordon MacDonald, the State of New Hampshire.

KC Johnson (author of “The Campus Rape Frenzy”) has sued the Department of Eduction to gain access to correspondence between Catherine Lhamon and Laura Dunn among others which include Professor Michele Dauber.

Judging by tweets from Laura Dunn’s SurvJustice during the trial of Owen Labrie and confirmation to me by S. Daniel Carter – who co-founded SurvJustice with Laura Dunn – that St Paul’s School was the real interest, I believe that what is being kept from us is of national public interest.

I am forever grateful to Scott Greenfield and his Simple Justice Blog, without which I would never have gone down this toxic rabbit hole.

What were the Nazis 10 most evil propaganda techniques? Haven’t we just witnessed the same courtesy of the White House Task Force against Campus Sexual Assault and “Rape Culture”?

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