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The Conflict Between Stoicism and Hedonism in the Contemporary Moment: Can it be Resolved through Cybernetic Transhumanism?

Humanity has become aware of itself through the proliferation of information technology. Perhaps an even better observation of this relationship that the human group has with itself should begin with a radically critical assessment of the ways in which technology is instrumental to the development of humanity while also recognizing how humanity is instrumental to the development of technology. This is particularly evident in the changes in access to information and the increasingly evolved forms that information can take. I believe that this moment is a reckoning towards a nascent and inevitable step in evolution that will propel humanity into cybernetic transhumanity. That is, the folding of humanity and technology together into a robustly augmented and enhanced version of itself.

I must address why this is important for you to think about, dear reader. It was Marshall McLuhan who asked if human beings have now become the sex organs of the machine world. The explosion of information technologies and the issue of the digital divide is having prolific and unseen effects on huge swathes of the population. Individuals have access to new information at exponentially increasing rates while huge portions of the global population are excluded from access to this information at frighteningly disproportionate rates. The determinants for rates of knowledge production and community access to that information are primarily reliant on decisions made by powerful corporate actors. We are watching this in real time as political dissent is punished through banning accounts on social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube, and so forth. I mean, let’s be honest, the pursuit of Julian Assange by the US industrial military complex to bring him up on criminal charges says all we need to hear about the legalities of knowledge production, access to information, and the ways in which it is being policed by maleficent forces. Still, dear reader, I need to further address why this matters.

Emile Durkheim spoke of how the illusion of a God is merely humanity experiencing itself. Thomas Hobbes largely dodged defining the concept, but throughout his writings he makes it clear that there indeed exists something sovereign beyond resistance. Baruch Spinoza proclaimed that God is “the sum of all the natural and physical laws of the universe and certainly not an individual entity or creator”. Regardless of which philosophy you follow, we can all agree that there is something. I argue that transhumanism and the integration of humanity with technology is an ascendance – an evolution – towards, through, and alongside that something. Again, dear reader, I feel that you may be asking yourself, “okay, William, but why the fuck does this matter?

If we are indeed evolving in this way then what would matter most is that we are staying true to Natural Law. What I mean is that if we have indeed been granted a consciousness that has been given the chance to evolve towards whatever it is we consider “Divine” – that is, the choice to become what we believe is “God” – and this choice is being made through the instrumentality of information technologies; if this is the contemporary moment, then what matters most is the production of knowledge that emerges through, defines, and worships Truth; capital T. Moral philosophers would call this an “objective list” theory of morality. That there are natural moral absolutes. I believe this to be true. It gets a lot stickier from there, obviously, but if we can all agree on this then my next prominent argument will be clear.

It was Frederich Nietzsche who famously argued that it is those in power who define the meaning of things, who define truth (small t). Ole Freddie was so far ahead of his time that it blows my mind because this point couldn’t be more relevant today if he tried. We are on the cusp of integrating humanity with information technologies to augment and enhance the entire human race. Powerful corporate actors exercise biopolitical power – defined as that which either cultivates or degrades life itself – in such a way that is directing this integration and evolutionary branch of our history. Characters like Rupert Murdoch have held such great power over this process to stunt growth and obfuscate truth. What’s more dangerous, perhaps, is not how a corrupt old man can control the channels of information, but how radical divisionist ideologues can influence the masses. Radical Feminism is this divisionist threat. There is no vision there. Merely greed and indulgence. There is no evolution nor integration there. Merely division. We must turn our attention to the visionaries. I believe wholeheartedly that Elon Musk represents the very visionary that has marked the historical records of human achievement. Cast rocks as you will. But we all still live in our own compartmentalized glass houses. Screens and all.

Elon envisions the growth of humanity. Interplanetary colonization is an inevitability. If we examine the History of the Future, that is, the ways in which imaginative science fiction writers have, in many ways, prophesized the possibilities for the steps we could take through time, then we can grasp the gravity of where we currently stand on this rock. If he says we will colonize Mars in our lifetime, then I not only believe him but I stand wholeheartedly behind him, his business decisions, and his political stance.

Now, all we need for Elon to do to facilitate this integration is for him to finally purchase Twitter and rid its ranks of the profoundly corrupt Far-Left ideological soldiers.

Stay healthy and happy, my cybernetic fam!

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