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Working towards Peace, by examining conflict?

Like many around the world I watched the Depp V Heard trial because of a shared a story of abuse. We know that allegations of abuse can be a confusing whirlwind of facts, allegations, trust and failures in trust. But through all of that trauma we also understand through personal experiences that abuse is gender neutral. All human beings are capable and have a tendency towards abusing their powers, be it strength, money, beauty, or connections.

I wish to explore the abuse of power with you. We are all guilty to some degree, we just tend to justify our own conduct and criticize others. It’s easier that way. But it doesn’t solve the problem. We are the problem. We must be vigilant and self-critical as well as firm in our power and able to withstand the incursions that others attempt upon us. We have a responsibility. We must be trustworthy, before we can call out others. As Jesus said thousands of years ago, “Let s/he without sin, cast the first stone.”

But there are forces at work creating conflict between men against women, and women against men, when everything that we want is peace. We deserve peace. But like war between nations, there is money to be made creating conflict in the family. Family is the most basic building block of our society. The future of our society is placed in the hands of parents. However instead of government and the courts protecting parents and their children they are being forced into debt, servitude and legal abuse but no solutions. The court system knows it has a problem but inherently is very poor innovator because for them, the system is profitable. It’s all perspective.

It was not lost on those who watched the Depp v Heard “show trial” that justice is relative to the amount you spend. The Judge and Jury looked at the evidence. The trial was televised so we, the citizens, could see how justice worked. Would we have wanted to be Amber? Or Depp? Certainly not. But it sure looked better than the justice that we get served. I want to investigate how we can do better. Hopefully better education is one answer. Peace is the answer. How do we get to Peace? Ultimately working toward equality is the answer.

I am going to explore this avenue with you. There is a better way. It starts with you. I look forward to continuing our conversation, please contribute your wildest ideas.

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