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Hug a puppy. Have a coffee. Chat. Chill. Whatever. It's the Chill Area.
Hug a puppy. Have a coffee. Have a chat. Whatever. This is the Chill Area.
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    William of Occam

    I’ve been putting blood sweat and zero tears (NO MORE TEARS! (Ozzy sings in the background)) into this site. I’m creating it as a milieu for all the lost, crazy misfits out there who have been longing for a place where we aren’t being battered with “refreshed” information to invoke a neurochemical dump. Somewhere for us to chill, share research, debate ideas, and resist the maleficent forces pushing narratives into our daily lives.

    Welcome one and all.

    I look forward to chillin with you.


    Glad to be here ?

    William of Occam

    We’re really rockin and rollin now, mama. Ironing out the wrinkles and cleaning out the pipes. Getting there one bit at a time.

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