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Support Us

In order to continue this work, it will need to be funded. This is no short-term project

Help out by joining my Patreon or donate to my GoFundme.

You can also show your support by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

I hope you will join me on this fantastic journey. Even a small donation will help.

Some of the working budget details include:

– Curating artists – $1k – $4k for long term, $50-75 per piece for the short term;
– IBM’s Statistical Analysis Software License – $8,700 first year fee (I don’t need this. Yet);
– NVivo analysis software – $1,249 (scalable)
– Private Investigators – $100-$200/hour depending on task.

As for rewarding patrons, I will begin producing merch in the very near future to reward your loyalty. Stay tuned!!

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